When two families with an equal love of old-fashioned architectural designs got together to renovate a 1930s home, they wanted a new, air-tight, insulated, incredibly efficient set of bi-fold doors that would keep out cold drafts and make the most of a lot of natural daylight. And that’s what we designed for and installed for them.

Bi-Fold Doors are a beautiful and cost-effective solution for those looking to increase the power of their home. They provide an easy route in and out, increased space, and provide the biggest return on investment compared to any other home improvement. Offering the perfect solution with a selection of styles and finishes to suit any property, they help create a clean line between inside and out.

Taking only a few weeks to install, we ensured the renovation project was affordable and realistic. The new additions provided additional benefits like weather resistance, insulation value for their home; increasing its comfort, energy efficiency and decreasing the wear on pipework and other building materials — while creating value that they can cash in on.