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Your home deserves the best steel door brands in the world and nothing less, and Crittal doors are exactly what you need. Ace Glazing installs, and services steel doors throughout London from modern art deco homes to period properties. With nearly a decade of experience, we work with international metal fabricators and project managers to make your dream home a reality.

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What are Crittall-style Doors?

A Crittall door is a great British invention, dating back to the 1820s. Made from a combination of steel and toughened glass, crittall doors are ideal for regular commercial applications like offices, restaurants, bars, and even public spAce. They are also perfect for the security-conscious homeowner. The Crittall name is synonymous with the highest quality doors and windows and Crittall doors are built to the very highest of standards.

So, no matter what style of door you are designing or ordering, a Crittall door will be beautiful and strong, and tremendously easy to manufacture. Ace Glazing London supply and fit crittall door to our customers in South West London, Surrey, and Sussex. Simply choose the type of door to suit your needs, and we’ll install it for you.

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Why Choose Crittall Steel Framed Doors?

Completely transform your space

Built from steel, our doors offer a range of benefits to homeowners, business owners, and architects. We have a wide range of styles and features for any type of property whether it is commercial or domestic. Let us know what you require today and we can help you transform your space in no time.

Thermally efficient double glazing

Crittall Steel Framed Doors are ideally suited to the use of double glazing. Paired with high-performance glass and constructions that give excellent thermal efficiency, you can make significant savings on your heating bills and enhance the home’s atmosphere.

Let in more light

Crittall steel doors are a popular choice for bringing in more natural light into your home. The level of light let in depends on the finish you go for, with frosted glass letting in the most, polyester powder coating less, and oak wood veneers the least.  Choose polyester powder coating or timber veneer to match the interior finish of your home, or frosted glass if privacy is what you’re after. Being fitted with a secondary glazing layer can also help to lower heating costs as it will act as an extra insulation barrier.

Complement all sorts of styles

Crittall steel-framed doors complement a wide range of building styles, like Georgian, Victorian, or modern homes.

Add a hint of industrial style

Crittall steel-framed doors add a hint of industrial style to your home while also providing the ultimate in security and energy efficiency.

Great for dividing up and zoning spAce

Crittall steel framed doors are a great way to divide and zone various areas in your home. These doors open outwards into either an allocated space or into a hallway, a hallway that can be utilised for further storage with added shelving. Consider the use of these doors when designing a layout for your new home.

Make your home more valuable

Steel frames are not only more secure but will make your home more valuable. It has been shown that properties with steel doors fetch a 10% higher price tag when they come to the market. People like the look, and it can be made to match any property.

Highly durable

Crittal doors are made with the finest grade steel, which is tempered to offer maximum strength and durability, meaning they will outlast many wooden doors. They are highly resistant to wear, corrosion, and abuse.


Crittall steel framed doors are designed with watertight seals. This, combined with the fact they are self-draining, enabling them to be left open when not in use, makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations.

Meet the latest building standards

Whether you are replacing your old steel door or fitting a new steel door, you will want to ensure the new one is safe and secure. Crittall steel-framed doors meet all current building requirements and regulations to help safeguard your home and offer the highest level of security. For over a decade, Ace Glazing has been creating stylish and innovative doors that are designed for the home and your lifestyle. Affordable and easy to maintain, our products are also available to suit any budget, style, and taste.

Our high-quality steel-framed doors also feature exceptional weatherproof properties and a limited 10-year guarantee, as well as being available in a range of styles so there will be an option that suits any home.

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Crittall Steel Doors Features


Designed to stand the test of time, the Crittal door is a real statement door for your home.

It’s a contemporary design, modern handle, and colour options, give your home the quick chic update it needs.


Crittal Doors offer security and classic style for the modern home, and your office appearance.

Steel doors with slimline steel frames that give your office a professional update.

Market-leading locks and hinges

Ace Glazing, the market leader in steel doors, brings you the most advanced hinge and locking mechanisms. Each features an innovative design and superior build quality to ensure that doors close more quietly and naturally.


Featuring a wide range of grilles, glass, and steel door options, the collection will completely transform the look of your home. The range caters to everything from classic French doors to ultra-contemporary designs including bi-folding and tandem doors.


Crittall Steel Doors are the perfect solution for any project, addition, or renovation. Versatile options give you control over function and style, allowing you to design doors that fit your climate and décor. Our versatile doors are a classic design with sleek lines that disguise the often complex features they hide behind including stiles, jambs, and crossheads.


Crittal doors are built to last. Our doors can be as strong as they need to be, for the job at hand. We combine high-grade steel with aluminum for added strength where it counts.  All our doors use full-height square butt hinges and all components are galvanised before painting – giving them a lifetime guarantee against rusting through.

Secure multi-point locking

Security comes as standard with Crittall steel. A steel door is a heavy, solid door, but you can still easily open and close it. That’s because Ace Glazing has incorporated several layers of locking points into its doors. This means that the doors are stronger than those on many wooden doors, and can keep intruders out for longer. These multi-point locks can be released using key-coded locks or large safe-style handles.

Excellent U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K (to make your home more comfortable)

Crittall steel doors are the ultimate in security and great style. This beautiful steel door is made of zinc and polyester powder, which makes it better than a traditional steel door, from U-value to design options.

Customisable with 40 colours in matte, satin in gloss

Our Crittall Steel Doors are a timeless classic that can be supplied with 40 different colours including matte, satin, and gloss. With enhanced security locks and reversible handles, Crittall Steel Doors offer strength with a 25-year guarantee.

Exceptional sightlines (to optimise light penetration)

When it comes to Crittall Steel Doors, sightlines are key. Thanks to their slim profile, we’re able to minimise the frame size and achieve exceptional sightlines. By permitting maximum light into your property, you maximise the potential of your interior space. Ace Glazing has been supplying steel doors for over 10 years. With a large design team who are dedicated to creating authentic steel doors. 

Ace Glazing continues to develop the distinctive Crittall look that has proved so popular with our clients as well as a range of other styles from modern slimline through to traditional paneled options. A large range of colours and glazing options are available on all our ranges and we can also offer custom solutions for your bespoke order. Place an order here.

Glazing Options Available

  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

Why Choose Ace Glazing?

10 Year Guarantee

Contact Ace Glazing on 020 452 51670 today and experience our commitment to quality, sourcing only the finest products from the most reputable companies in the industry. Whether it is a small installation or a large project, you can be assured that our experts will coordinate the work in a timely and professional manner. Our quality workmanship is backed by our 10 Year Guarantee on all new installations.

Highly Recommended

Ace Glazing offers a range of products that are manufactured and handcrafted in the UK by fitting professionals. We have been in business for over 10 years helping homeowners, businesses, and commercial premises to solve their window problems. We design, manufacture, and install our brands of windows, doors, and conservatories under the Ace brand name carried by our extensive network of specialists.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to you, our customer, our primary concern is providing you with quality at affordable prices. Through the years, we have seen many come and go. What remains is those who thrived in good relationships with their customers. We believe that our success as a company is based on satisfying your door and window needs with products that are both made and installed with care.

Labour Guarantee

Our Steel doors team is committed to providing the best. Our Steel doors installation experts will install your new doors in the most efficient, effective, and cost-effective way. Peace of mind is important when you have the hands of professionals on your property, why not take advantage of our guaranteed labour installation and replacement services!

Installed by Highly Trained and Certified Crews

Aces Glazing London is a company that provides customised home improvement services for homeowners. We are highly competent and can update the look of any building or home. You will be provided with top quality products installed by our proficient team. All of our team members have undergone certification as per the industry standards to ensure they adhere to strict quality control processes.

Ongoing support

We have been providing Heritage Windows Installations to people in and around the London areas since 10 years. We have a loyal client base who happily recommend our Steel doors services because of our ongoing support. Whether it’s for new Steel doors installation or a replacement, we can provide you with peace of mind that you will be looked after.

Aftercare Service

When it comes to aftercare, we’re not happy until you are. Our Steel doors installation and replacement services mean we’ll always be at hand to answer your questions on how best to maintain your installation and where possible, correct any future problems.

The Low Cost

Aces Glazing is one of London’s most economical Steel doors installers because we ethically run our company. You are not paying for expensive ads by an ad agency.  To provide you with the best possible service without breaking the bank, we have priced our products.

Friendly Customer Service

We value our customers and want to make sure you are satisfied with the work we accomplish together. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you know exactly what we’re doing and understand why. We also take care of all your future glazing needs. Would you like some new frames? No problem. Doors maybe? No problem.

Crittall Steel Doors Installation

Ace Glazing provides complete Crittal Steel Doors installation service. We can handle all aspects of your Crittal Steel Doors installation from supply to building permits, installation, and even financing. Contact our representatives today for an estimate and we can help you make the right decision for your property. Get in touch if you think your property deserves a new Crittal door.

Crittall Steel Doors Repair and Replacement

Are you looking for crittall steel door replacement or repairing services in London? Then you can rely on Ace Glazing – a certified and insured company offering the best Crittal doors repair and replacement at the most competitive prices! Whether it is a residential address or any commercial premises, Ace Glazing can help you!

Our Crittall Steel Doors Services

Ace Glazing offer a range of repairs, replacements, and installations for Crittal Steel Doors; With over 10 years in the industry, our company and highly trained staff are ready to provide you with a quick and excellent service. Call today or request an appointment online.

Crittall Steel Doors Inspection

The best way to ensure the longevity of your Crittal door is to properly maintain it. This is where we come in. You can schedule periodical inspections with us, where we come and take a proper look at your door. This way, any damage will be caught on time and proper measures taken to put it back in shape.  We can also tailor a maintenance schedule for you so that you know what to do to keep your doors in shape for longer. Need installation, replacement, repair of your crittal steel doors? Ace Glazing can help. Contact us now on 020 452 51670 to get started.

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Are Crittall doors expensive?
Crittall steel doors are custom made to order and available in a wide range of colours, styles, and finishes, ranging from plain steel to powder coated recesses. As a consequence, they are priced accordingly but for better value quality and longevity, particularly when compared with UPVC alternatives.
Are Crittall doors secure?
Crittall doors are designed with high security in mind, as well as beautiful design. It is very difficult to attack a Crittall door using tools that can be used on a normal door.

In the unlikely event that a burglar attacks an exterior door, the frame will be better protected than most other forms of door frame due to its tubular construction (other types of door frame just have 2 thin sheets of steel on each side).

Will Crittall doors rust?
Crittall steel doors are unaffected by rust and corrosion as they are 100% protected by an external coating of polyester powder, which is also environmentally friendly.
Can I get the original Crittall doors restored?
Yes. So long as the doors have not been refurbished in any way and fit within our guidelines, we are happy to take on a restoration of your Crittall Doors.

There is an element of risk when restoring old doors, but they will always look original as we will use factory methods, materials, and techniques, so long as applicable.

How much do Crittall doors cost?
Please get in touch to request a quote for your Crittal door supply and installation.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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