When it comes to a construction project, it can be hard to see beyond the big picture, such as what the finished building will look like, and the purposes it will serve in the community it’s being built in. However, as you gear up to undertake what is almost certain to be a big project, there are some construction services that it’s vital not to overlook in the planning phase.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of construction services you need to consider to ensure that your project goes without a hitch.

Land surveys

The services of a good land surveyor are crucial to enlist right from the get go, as they will be able to carry out a full and thorough inspection of the land on which the proposed build will take place. They’ll help ensure that measurements and dimensions are spot on, whilst also bringing your attention to any services or utilities that will need to be rerouted as part of the project (more on that later).

Surveyors can also complete geotechnical site analysis, which studies the soil not only to detect contamination, but also as an indicator of the proposed building’s structural integrity.

Health and safety

Whilst everyone on site is responsible for health and safety during the build, appointing an experienced site manager will ensure that the rules are being followed, and the appropriate training is undertaken by all those working on the project. This could include working at height training, fire safety, eye protection, and even asbestos awareness training if part of the construction project is repurposing an existing structure.


Chances are you’re not completing a build of a single story, and so going up in the world comes as part of the job. In almost all instances, a ladder isn’t sufficient for the kinds of construction required to put a building together, so you’ll need to seek the help of a scaffold service to provide safe and usable platforms from which your team can work.

Scaffolding can be installed in a way that wraps around a whole building, or to one or two single elevations – a professional scaffolding company will be able to help you work out what you need for your build, and how long you’ll need it up for.


Whether it’s a brand new build or a repurposing project, you will need to factor the installation or rerouting of utilities into your plans before you get started. This includes gas, electricity and water supplies, and communication lines, such as those used for broadband and telephone connections.

In almost every instance, you’ll need to work with local utilities providers themselves, such as SGN, to safely install or reroute the supply – this could include disruption around the site, such as road works, so factor this into your plans and costs too!

Waste management

Construction tends to make a bit of a mess, and it’s essential that all waste is disposed of safely, in accordance with regulatory compliance, and in a timely manner to ensure an organised site, and to prevent hold ups. A dedicated waste management team should categorise the waste your site produces into hazardous, non-hazardous, and recyclable materials, and dispose of them accordingly at dedicated facilities.


Your build is a work in progress, and criminals can sometimes see these areas as an opportunity to damage property, and steal expensive equipment. Invest in a local security company to provide an on-site presence outside of working hours, as well as cameras that ensure additional peace of mind, and deterrent.