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An aluminium door is a solid, weatherproof door made from aluminium. They are very versatile and can be made to fit any opening, large or small. Given the current and future trends in architecture, installing aluminium doors will continue to be a valuable investment. Many homeowners are seeking to reduce their energy use by installing high-performance products in their home or business as aluminium provides excellent thermal resistance and is highly durable. These characteristics combine to make an ideal exterior door for your home or business.

As a crucial part of your home’s exterior, it’s important to choose this bold statement carefully so that your door complements the rest of your architecture.This is where we come in!

Ace Glazing London is a long-established company that provides high-quality commercial and domestic Aluminium Window Installation Services in London. We offer the best aluminium doors at highly competitive rates. Our expert installers know all the latest industry developments and use advanced fitting techniques to ensure that each installation is a high-quality finish.

Skilled craftsmen at Ace Glazing London are meticulous in their workmanship and take pride in ensuring that every job undertaken exceeds customer expectations. Excellent grade aluminium. Excellent grade strength. Industrial grade peace of mind. ACE Glazing London’s doors are anything but ordinary. Shop our aluminium doors today!

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What Are the Benefits of Using Aluminium Doors?

There are many benefits of using aluminium doors to keep your home secure and looking great. You can enhance your home’s appearance with aluminium doors from Ace Glazing London and enjoy the exceptional quality of our products. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy:


Aluminium is very lightweight – one of the key reasons for its popularity is that it makes the doors easier to install and easier to lift when compared with other material options.

Beauty, Warmth, and Style

Aluminium doors have all the beauty, warmth, and style you need. They’re available in a vast array of styles, colours, and designs—you’ll find the perfect match for your home. You can add finishing touches like glass inserts and decorative hardware to make your door truly unique.

Environmentally friendly

While aluminium doors are not the only eco-friendly door option, they have a number of benefits which make it an environmentally great choice.

Aluminium is a highly recyclable metal, and materials that can be recycled go through the process called reclaiming, where any metal can be melted back down and used in other products such as aluminium cans. The covers, frames and panels are designed to fit together for easy recycling.

Long-lasting with Stress-free Maintenance

Aluminium Doors do more than just stand out. They’re strong, durable (aluminium doors never rust or oxidise) and deliver unbeatable value for money. Made from injection-moulded aluminium with a stylish glass front, they’re the perfect addition to any home or business. Aluminium doors don’t have to be painted, which means they save you money on maintenance as they won’t peel, flake or rust. It also means your door will look good for a lot longer!

Excellent thermal efficiency

The latest aluminium doors are made with thermal break technology, which uses a separate U value (a measurement of heat transfer) for the glass and frame. This means that only the glass transmits heat through the metal part of the door, thus maintaining the desired temperature inside your home or office. Other benefits include

  • A wide variety of styles to choose from.
  • Good weatherproofing qualities
  • Large openings and ultra-thin frames achieving a very modern look.
  • Powder-coated for a long term, low maintenance finish.
  • Available with or without sidelights, and can also be finished with exterior or interior glass.

Types of Aluminium Doors We Install

Ace Glazing London installs all kinds of aluminium doors and frames. Our company has wide experience in this sphere, which allows us to provide high-quality service to our customers. – whatever your budget or taste. We are established specialists in the installation of aluminium doors, providing the highest quality products to businesses and homeowners for over 10 years. All our products are manufactured in-house to the highest standards and offer proven performance, low maintenance and all come with a XXX-year warranty.

Whether you want a traditional style or prefer the clean look of a modern door, our knowledgeable sales consultants can help you decide which door is right for your home. We supply and install the following types of doors.

Aluminium Hinged and French Doors

With a combined experience of over 10 years in the glazing industry, Ace Glazing London has everything you need for your new aluminium hinged or french doors project. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, the range of contemporary and traditional designs available meets any need that you may have.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Ace Glazing London is one of the leading installers of aluminium sliding doors. With our efficient installation experts, we can provide you with quality products and superior workmanship for a competitive price. We can install a complete, energy-efficient aluminium sliding door system, including a new handle on your existing frame.

Aluminium Casement Doors

We install aluminium Casement doors throughout London, offering a professional, efficient and friendly service, all at very competitive prices. Aluminium Casement doors offer excellent value for money and will give your home a new lease of life.

Aluminium Lift & Slide Doors

Ace Glazing London can supply lift & slide doors that are durable but lightweight, reliable but easy to use, and

designed specifically for residential construction. We install aluminium lift and slide doors that meet high standards for energy efficiency, performance, quality and reliability.

Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

We offer aluminium Bi-folding doors installation services. These Bi-folding doors are a stylish alternative to traditional uPVC bi-folding doors. We can install the doors in any design you require, they can be made up of flat aluminium sheets which gives your home or business a modern fresh look. What’s more, is that the sides of these aluminium bi-folding door panels can be covered with either laminate or veneer for a complete and finished finish with zero gaps.

Our Aluminium Door Accessories

No matter the age, shape or size of your door, we’ve got everything you need to make it look gorgeous. Easy to install and available in a variety of styles and finishes, all our accessories are designed for the best performance and hassle-free installation. Here are some of our aluminium door accessories

  • Door Handles
  • Door Fasteners
  • Door Viewer
  • Door Closers

  • Door Bells
  • Door Frames
  • Door stoppers
  • Architrave

Our Aluminium Doors Glazing Options

Double Glazing

Stop draughts with Ace’s Double Glazing for aluminium doors. A traditional double glazed door has two insulated sheets of glass sandwiched between two layers of safety glass providing soundproofing and insulation. Ace’s double glazing is an excellent solution for your aluminium door, giving it a roomy appearance and eliminating draughts. With our double glazing, you can turn that energy loss around and get a solid barrier between you and the outside world to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Triple Glazing

We provide triple-glazing services for aluminium doors throughout London. Triple glazing has been proven to significantly reduce sound transmission inside and outside your home.

Triple Glazing means three layers of glass and a layer of energy-efficient gas is sandwiched between the two sheets of safety glass. This means small components that result in excellent space efficiency and more natural light coming through your windows!

Our Design Options

The right design helps you to get the most out of your doors. Ace Glazing offers a comprehensive range of traditional door designs to help you find the perfect style for your home. With an extensive choice of options, you’re sure to find something that suits your requirements perfectly.

Traditional Door Design

Our traditional doors are never out of style. They’re offering the last word in design and innovation, crafted from metal with a wood-grain finish. Choose from our selection of designs to find the perfect look for your exterior needs.

Cottage-Style Door Design

Our cottage-style door design brings a touch of luxury to your home – but don’t be fooled by the name. This design works perfectly at modern terraces as well as period properties, offering an elegant choice for both. The key to its success lies in our use of premium wood finishes which complement both traditional and contemporary architecture.

Contemporary Design

You can opt for a contemporary design for a stylish aluminium door enhanced with triangular lines and soft rounded corners. The pleating in the elegant detailing creates decorative impact and the slim proportions create an open and airy feel. The contemporary design can also be paired with any of our coloured glass options.

Our Installation Service: Why We Are The Preferred Choice

We take great pride in our work and offer a first-class and affordable service to all customers. We continuously aim to improve the quality of our products and services, whilst still maintaining good value for money.
We provide free quotes and are committed to maintaining an excellent customer experience while providing an unbeatable first-rate result.
When you use our service, you get access to:

Advanced tools and technology

Our constantly evolving product range and state of the art production capabilities, including 3D modelling, engineering and laser cutting, put us among the leaders in supplying and installing aluminium solutions to architects and builders. In the process, we save our customers time, money and above all – hassle.

Years of experience

At Ace Glazing London, we are experts in the aluminium industry. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your goals. From planning permission to installation, our expertise ensures a smooth process for your business or domestic development.

Adherence to building and environmental regulations

As specialists in the supply and installation of aluminium doors for over 50 years, we manufacture and install high-quality aluminium doors in line with building controls and statutory requirements. We also provide specialist solutions for project environments.

Technical expertise

Project engineers and designers entrust Ace Glazing London with matching technical expertise, solid project advice, and fast delivery. Industrial grade aluminium. Industrial grade strength. Industrial grade peace of mind. ACE Glazing London’s doors are anything but ordinary. Shop our Aluminium doors today!

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Areas We Cover

Ace Glazing London offers a range of quality aluminium doors. We install and replace aluminium doors anywhere in London. We have been installing aluminium doors in London since 10 years and we pride ourselves on being one of the best aluminium door installation companies in London. We cover all of London and you can have your windows replaced regardless of which district you are in. No deposit upfront, XXX-YEAR guarantee on workmanship is just a small part of the advantages that we offer to all of our customers.

Our Guarantee

Ace Glazing London guarantees that all products sold have been manufactured, delivered and are free from defects. We back up all of our work with a XXX-month guarantee. So if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.


Are aluminium doors safe?
It is a fact that aluminium doors are both stronger and more secure than wooden doors. The bottom line is that if your door is correctly installed and maintained, an aluminium door can be as safe or safer than a similar steel door. Make sure the door you choose is certified to meet all of today’s standards for burglary resistance, wind-borne debris impact, and fire ratings.

We supply the very best aluminium frames on the market for doors. The strength of a frame determines a door’s overall performance, so you can be sure that your door is made with quality materials.

How long do aluminium doors last?
Aluminium doors can last for more than 50 years, which may surprise you. Aluminium naturally repels moisture, resists rot, doesn’t corrode or rust, won’t sag and never needs to be painted. But, surrounding factors may increase or decrease the lifespan of these wonderful products.
What makes our aluminium doors unique?
Our aluminium door features a 15mm thick foam infused core to improve the acoustic class and resist the ingress of unwanted air/ rainwater. The simple and lightweight design also makes them ideal for refurbishments, with minimal disruption and quick turnaround. A simple, lightweight and modern door for connecting the outside with the inside.
Are aluminium doors a good investment?
An aluminium door is an investment that will give you many years of service. It offers much better protection against foreign objects, moisture and extreme temperatures than a wooden door. This means it can save you money on your energy bills. An aluminium door is available in different colours and different styles so it will match your home perfectly.

Modern aluminium composite doors can last up to 50 years, but the real question is: for how long will you keep yours? If you want to make it last a lifetime, choose Ace Glazing London today.

How long will the installation last?
At Ace Glazing London, we can typically handle an installation in XX-hours. However, depending on the size of the window and the complexity of the project, it can take longer.
Are aluminium doors a good choice for a new house?
Aluminium doors are an excellent choice for your new house. They require minimal maintenance and come with a host of advantages. Aluminium doors are extremely strong, but they also have another huge advantage – they offer an excellent level of insulation. You can expect improved thermal efficiency from your aluminium door. They’ve been popular for a long time because of their strength, durability and energy conservation.
What is a load-bearing door?
Load bearing [non-structural] doors are used when there is a requirement for the frame to carry loads such as those from furniture that is built-in to the fabric of the house. If you are unsure if your door will be carrying any load, please seek professional advice.
What’s the difference between a load-bearing door and a non-load bearing door?
A load-bearing door has a structural function whereas other doors in the building are just for covering an empty space or for purely aesthetic purposes. Doors that are mounted on a wall are generally considered to be load-bearing if it is unclear whether the wall can support the weight of the door or not. In particular, within tall buildings, such as in residential and office buildings, internal walls often take on a structural role and thus need to support the weight of objects mounted on them – in this case, internal doors will tend to be considered as load-bearing doors.
Does the location of the door matter in determining if a door is load-bearing or not?
The location of the door is one of the main considerations when determining if it is load-bearing or not. A door used as a means of exiting a building, and supporting the roof loads of the building beyond the exterior wall, is classified as load-bearing; however, there are exceptions. Depending on the design details doors with sidelights or transoms may also support load and therefore require proper configuration.
Does my location/place of residence matter when considering aluminium doors?
Aluminium doors are made with anodized aluminium. The anodizing process adds a protective layer to the metal, making it extremely durable. This material also has high corrosion resistance, so where you live isn’t something to worry about.
Do aluminium doors come in different colours?
Absolutely! Aluminium doors can be manufactured in practically any colour you desire. From the traditional white to brighter tones like red, blue, green and more. Whatever the colour you choose, aluminium doors will always stand the test of time and wear.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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