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Steel Windows – Installation and Replacement

Are you looking for a professional steel windows installation company?

Ace Glazing London is a steel windows installation company which specialises in providing all kinds of steel window installation. With many years’ experience in the industry, we guarantee high-quality workmanship on every job. Our fast and efficient service is available for business and domestic customers throughout London.

Types of Steel Windows We Offer

Box Steel Windows

Box steel windows are a great choice for both domestic and commercial properties. Box steel windows are the most common type of window in London due to their particular design. They have many variations, but most of the designs today come with the sash-like frames and large glass panels.

Ace Glazing London specializes in a large range of box steel windows for many different architectural features.

We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and then suggest steel window designs that will fit their property best.

Our Guarantee

  • Unrivalled Expertise in Door & Window Glazing
  • Industry-approved Door & Window Glazing
  • High-quality Door & Window Glazing
  • Unbeatable Value for Money
  • 100% Safety and Satisfaction
  • Checkatrade Registered
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  • CERTAS Guarantee

Traditional Steel Windows

Our wide range of traditional steels is available in a range of styles and finishes. Each steel has been designed to provide excellence both in the home and demanding commercial environments. Our traditional steels are some of the best on the market, which is why we offer a choice of frames with different shapes, profiles, colours and designs as some of our optional extras.

Modern Steel Windows

A modern steel window is sleek, slim and stylish with clear glass for max light. It’s the kind of window you’d want on your new dream house. But it’s way more than that.

A modern steel window gives you heat & sound insulation, security & safety plus easy cleaning and maintenance.

Features of Our Steel Windows


Ace Glazing London steel windows are designed to meet the needs of every building.

From three-storey properties to single-family homes, Ace Glazing London steel windows can be used anywhere.

Historical Replacement

Our steel windows are heavy but robust and they can last several lifetimes. We have replacement steel windows, which are ideal for those who want a historical look or those who want to bring back the old days.

Custom Style

Add a unique look to your house by choosing your own customized steel window package! With so many different looks to choose from, you’ll be able to find one that matches your taste. Let us handle your custom window job from start to finish.

Narrow Sightlines

The narrow sightlines of our steel windows are designed to make them more difficult to see through. This not only helps prevent the view from being obscured but also adds a sense of security and privacy. They make it harder for intruders to look in from the outside, thus making your property safer and more secure.

Classic Hardware

Our range of steel windows includes a number of traditional windows hardware features.

Ace Glazing London combines modern steel window design with the best aspects of traditional wood windows to create top quality metal windows that last for years. Steel windows are stronger, more affordable, and energy-efficient than traditional wooden windows.


At Ace Glazing London, every one of our steel windows has been designed to offer maximum security. We have incorporated a number of features that give added protection to your window, and these are: Secured locking system with three-point locking bar for anti-lift and anti-pry and 12mm toughened glass which is dent resistant. We aim to provide all customers with the best quality and cheapest prices.

Benefits of Our Steel Windows

High Strength Level Window

Our steel windows have been designed and manufactured to be the highest strength level in the industry. They are built with a composite structure that will help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than any other window on the market.

Superior Thermal Efficiency

The Ace Glazing London steel windows are designed to keep your home safe and secure from cold weather and heat loss from inside out. With a thermal efficiency rate of up to R-5, Ace Glazing London steel windows can save you up to 50% on energy.

Variety of Design Features

If you’re looking for varieties of designs for your home, then you can rest assured that we have it all. From traditional to contemporary, we have created a wide range of designs to suit your imagination. We also offer different styles and colours so you can choose what suits your style.

We Guarantee Spotless Windows

Clean is what you get with Ace Glazing London. Because our only motive is customer satisfaction, we provide spotless and quality windows at prices that won’t break the bank.

Energy Conservation

Our Steel Windows are made in the UK to make sure the highest manufacturing standards are met at every stage of production. Our steel windows also offer exceptional energy-conserving properties. We guarantee you won’t have to replace your windows for up to 30 years plus a 10-year guarantee on all our installations.

Minimal Maintenance is Required

Enhancing your property with steel windows is a great way to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance. If you have steel windows installed, you’ll notice that there is very little maintenance required to look after them. They are also resistant to rust, meaning that they can last for many years as long as you take care of them. 

This makes our steel window frames a great investment for your home or business as they won’t require much upkeep.

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Our Steel Windows Glazing Options

Single Glazed Steel Windows

Our range of single glazed steel windows is ideal for those looking for an affordable, yet high quality and maintenance-free solution. Our single glazed steel windows allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional window including high thermal efficiency combined with modern design features without the maintenance costs associated with timber or uPVC.

Double Glazed Steel Windows

Double glazed steel windows are an ideal choice for your home in any climate or building type due to their strength and low maintenance. Ace Glazing London can supply a wide range of double-glazed steel window units. 

If you need a new double glazed steel window, we are the right team for your needs. We are extremely proud of our professional service to local customers. Our steel window replacement and installation are tailored to meet each client’s individual window needs.

Triple Glazed Steel Windows

Trio glazing is not widely offered and we believe it to be a superior option for steel window frames. We take three sheets of glass and sandwich them between two layers of gas-filled polyester. We are one of the few companies to offer this option but, as specialists in this glazing technique, we can offer better thermal solutions by increasing or decreasing the thickness of each layer to maximum energy efficiency. 

Benefits of triple glazing include Increasing by up to 27% your home’s insulation value, reducing condensation on cold walls and windows in winter, reducing noise pollution and outside interference, help keep your home warmer during periods of colder weather.

Glazing Options Available

  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

Our Steel Windows Installation Service

Ace Glazing London is a professional and reliable windows installation company that works across London for domestic and commercial customers. We offer high-quality window replacement services, repairs and replacements.

We offer a professional service that includes free site surveys, estimates and we always strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our Steel Windows Replacement Service

Ever wished you could transform your old wooden sash windows to steel, thereby adding a modern touch to your historic property? With our steel window replacement service, you can. Ace Glazing London specialises in all aspects of window replacement. All our steel windows are constructed to the highest standards of quality, safety and performance.

We offer single, double and triple glazed units with PVCu and aluminium alloy frames with options for specialist profiles. We have vast expertise in replacing damaged double glazing panels so if you have broken double glazing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Why Choose Ace Glazing London for Your Steel Windows?

10 Year Guarantee

We take customers’ satisfaction very seriously; this is why our products are backed by a 10-year guarantee. Our customers’ needs are always given first priority providing them with all the information they require to enable them to make an informed decision about their new steel windows.


Ace Glazing London steel windows are designed to be extremely durable and will last for many years. In fact, they are so well designed that once fitted they require just as much care and maintenance as you would a traditional wood window.

Product Warranty

Ace Glazing London are dedicated to supplying the best quality products and workmanship, and offer all of their customers a comprehensive maintenance warranty for all steel window installations carried out. This means that if your windows develop faults during the first five years after manufacture, Ace Glazing London will repair or replace them completely free of charge. The warranty covers only problems caused by our own error, so please make sure you keep your invoice safe.

Competitively Priced

Ace Glazing London is a reputable, well-established and trustworthy company that specialises in supplying high-quality steel windows and services. We understand how important your money is, which is why we are able to offer high-quality products at competitive prices.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Ace Glazing London, we are proud of the service we provide and because of this, we make sure that we give our customers exactly what they want. From our first call to the moment the job is completed, you can expect nothing but the very best customer service at all times.

Low Cost of Ownership

Ace Glazing London offers an extensive range of steel windows for you to choose from. They are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, sizes and shapes according to your individual needs. We believe in giving our consumers the best quality products at affordable prices. You can rest assured that the use of steel will save you substantial cost on repairs, maintenance costs, as well as energy bills over time because steel is strong and durable while offering excellent thermal efficiency.

Free Installation

Think that’s it? NOPE. For a limited time, get free installation on all orders over £5000! We’ll also throw in free hinges, 10% off your next order and the best steel window availability guarantee!

Ready to start a project soon? We’re here to help get your home started with free in-store quotes, plans, and design ideas based on your unique needs.

Approved by FENSA

Ace Glazing London are specialists in the manufacture and supply of steel windows. We offer our customers a wealth of experience which we’ve gained from working with hundreds of projects over the last 10 years. We pride ourselves on being one of the country’s leading suppliers of steel windows. Professionalism is at the forefront of everything we do as evidenced by our accreditations with FENSA.

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Adding a touch of steel to your home doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice aesthetics; we at Ace Glazing London find innovative ways to bring the best of both worlds together, which is why we are so proud of our inventory. 

Ace Glazing London has been established for over 20 years. Throughout this time we’ve built up an excellent reputation for providing quality steel windows to clients in the local area and outlying areas of London. Our range of steel frames come in a huge selection of colours, sizes and specifications meaning there’s something for everyone. To find out more about our premium, made-to-measure windows, contact us today for a FREE quote.


Do Steel Windows rust?
No, Steel Windows are made of a combination of raw materials that make them rust-free. They are then coated in aluminum or copper to prevent any other damage.
What is the best time of year to replace Windows?
Fall is a great time to replace windows. Not only is it the best time to install new energy efficient windows, but window replacement in the fall can save homeowners up to 75% on heating costs. Fall is also an ideal time for new windows because most of them are made with triple glazed glass which helps prevent condensation and works well in colder temperatures.
Are steel windows expensive?
The cost of steel windows begins at around £500, depending on the type and features. They cost more than wooden windows but they also last longer and are more durable.
How are steel windows made?
Steel windows are made from two flat pieces of steel that are then joined to create a bigger window. Each panel can hold glass and has an HT profile welded on the inside. The profile (or grouse) does the work of holding the glass in place while allowing for airflow.

The joints are filled with polysulphide sealant, which is a very strong glue-like material that helps to keep the window in place and keep out water and heat.

How long do steel windows last?
Steel is a timeless material, and it’s far more flexible than you might think. A well-made steel window can look and perform great for decades, even centuries.
Should I replace all my windows at once?
No, there is no need to replace all of your windows at once. The first step is to identify which windows may be in the most desperate need of repair or replacement. A good place to start is with the visible, functional, and energy performance issues identified through thorough visual inspection by an experienced technician.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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