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Double Glazing – Installation and Replacement

Are you looking for a professional glazing contractor in London? Ace Glazing team can handle all of your double glazing needs. We provide quality double glazing for both replacement windows and new builds. We are a local company with over 10 years of experience, operating in London, United Kingdom.

What Is Double Glazing?

Double glazing means insulating your windows with two glass window panes which are separated by a glass-filled space or vacuum. It’s a simple way to transform your home into a more comfortable and insulated environment whilst reducing noise pollution and the cost of energy. Whether you live in a new, old, or period home, you can get double glazed windows which will improve the core elements of heating, air conditioning, and sound insulation, and at the same time add significant value to your property.

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How Does Double Glazing Work?

Double glazing works by effectively trapping heat in the summer and preventing it from escaping out of your home. By doing this, you are able to keep the temperature inside your home lower than the temperature outside which helps you save energy and therefore money. The process also enhances the appearance of your property as new double-glazed windows have a clean-finished look — unlike their older single-pane counterparts! (Make sure to choose Low-E glass on both panes of a double pane window for best insulation rating.)

What Are the Benefits of Double Glazing?

Maximise Natural Light

Using double glazing means that you can capture more natural light in your home, which can help to reduce the cost of your energy bills. However, it also has the added benefit that if you have young children or pets, they will be protected from harmful UV rays and irritated eyes when they are indoors. 

Exceptional Clarity

Clear vision is a must-have. Ace Glazing London makes it happen. From the moment our installers first fit your new double glazed windows and doors, you will notice the difference. With fewer obstructions and bright, clear colours, you’ll see more. And you’ll be enjoying that view for years to come.

High Thermal Performance

Double glazing is a great way to keep the heat in while keeping noise out, and using high-quality GD2 glass can achieve excellent thermal performance for energy efficiency.  Double glazing reduces heat loss from your home through the glass because it’s made up of two layers of glass with an airtight cavity between. In a well-insulated home, the installation of double glazing can help you to reduce your fuel bills by up to 15%. Double glazing helps you gain up to 50% more thermal performance than single glazing.

Superior Noise Absorption

Double glazed windows are popular with homeowners because they’re the UK’s best noise reduction window solution. Double glazing reduces the possibility of disturbances from outside noises and also restricts sound from within the room. This is attributed to the presence of an insulator in the space between panes, which stops any noise or heat from penetrating into the room.

Energy Cost Savings

Energy savings are one of the main benefits of double glazing. Allowing you to keep your home warmer or cooler than the outside temperature, double glazed windows can improve thermal insulation and reduce heating and cooling costs, so you’ll save a substantial amount each year on bills.

Increases Security

Domestic security, whether it be in the form of a front door or a conservatory, must be a top priority for all homeowners. At Ace Glazing London, we believe that double glazing is an essential part of being secure in your own home. Gas-filled between layers is the ultimate deterrent for burglars. With Krypton filling every window of your house, you are protecting your family from harm by creating what is essentially an impenetrable wall for criminals.

Reduces Condensation

Widespread condensation and draughts caused by single glazing can be addressed with double glazing from Ace Glazing London. By replacing single-pane windows, or those with broken seals, with an energy-efficient and reliable double-glazed material, condensation and draughts can be greatly reduced, which in turn will keep your home warmer for longer. 

Increased Property Value

Double glazing has a proven track record in terms of property value. As one of the most economical ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency, you can count on double glazing to act as an effective buffer against the high cost of home repairs. Double glazing will improve your property’s value by up to five percent.

Glazing Options Available

  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

Our Double Glazing Services in London

Double Glazed Windows

A double glazed window is made up of two glass panes instead of one, helping to give you a higher level of thermal insulation. Each window pane provides the same level of security and privacy while reducing outside noise and allowing light in. Our double glazing windows also improve the looks of your home with their modern, stylish design.

Double Glazing Installation

Double glazing is a great way to reduce the heat loss and sound transmission through your windows. With our work you get many years of enjoyment from your new windows. Having double glazed windows installed by Ace Glazing is likely to save you money on heating and lower your energy bills at the same time. Our installers are trained to high standards, so we can offer you peace of mind on quality as well as value for money.

Double Glazing Replacement

Ace Glazing London is the home of Double Glazing Replacement, and our process has been designed to make your replacement process simple and straightforward. We pride ourselves on our customer relationships, service and our products which are the best available in the industry. To learn more about our services or to book an appointment please call us on 020 452 51670.

Double Glazed Doors

Our double glazed doors are an ideal way to enhance the appearance of your home. Our experts will be able to advise you on the best materials and offer a wide range of door styles and finishes. All our doors comply with Building Regulation requirements, and we also offer a free measure and quotation service.

Double Glazing Installation

From sales to installation, we offer efficient double glazing solutions to meet the needs of your home or business. We also offer a door installation service in London and the surrounding areas including Fulham, Wimbledon, and Kensington that can be arranged with one of our specialists at any time.

Double Glazing Replacement

Our double glazed door replacement service in London will allow you to take advantage of great value, high quality, and long-lasting replacement double glazing on your doors.  Call us now on 020 452 51670 for a free quotation or fill out the form below to request a visit from one of our double glazing professionals.

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Features of Our Double Glazing


At Ace Glazing London, we are committed to being responsible in all aspects of our business. We carry out energy-saving surveys, ensure that all products meet British Standards and are suitable for the purpose, while at the same time reducing energy waste.

Easy Maintenance

The majority of our windows are very easy to clean. In fact, the hardest one will only take you a minute or two to clean and maintain. With no nooks and crannies for dirt and dust to build up, your double glazing represents excellent value for money. Regular cleaning is all it takes to keep them looking as good as new.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Ace Glazing enhances your home or office by using innovative glass design to create a modern and beautiful glazed appearance.

Our double glazing can enhance your property’s aesthetics, with a variety of glass styles to choose from. Consider high-performance glass options for extra security and safety.

Sound Insulation

High-quality insulation and thermal efficiency features are important factors when choosing to purchase double glazed windows. The reduction in sound transmission is typically calculated in decibels and is measured as a difference between the inside of your property and outside of your property.  Our insulated glass units come factory-fitted with a multi-chambered, soundproof spacer. Up to 98% of outside noise is blocked by the sash window and frame.

Your Double Glazing Glass Options

Float Glass

Float glass is generally the most commonly used type of glass, and it is often associated with double glazing because of the fantastic range of specialist features that can be created. It uses a method called ‘float glass technology’ to manufacture all its pieces – this refers to the glass being heated and then cooled whilst being kept flat using molten tin (the molten tin floats on top of the molten silica).

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is impact and fracture-resistant, making it the ideal glass for use in your home. It is available to use either in our insulating glass units or as a single pane; both options provide effective insulation without sacrificing safety.

Self-Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass uses a specially-formulated layer of titanium dioxide. When UV light passes through the glass, it hits the titanium dioxide coat and turns it white. This process produces oxygen radicals that are attracted to dirt and exhaust them with an electrochemical reaction. The dirt is then easily wiped away.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass has been designed to resist impact and reduce visible marks if it breaks. It doesn’t shatter into sharp shards like standard glass, making it safer for you, your family, and the environment.

Fire-Proof Glass

Fire-Proof Glass is an extra thick glass, designed to not break over a long period of time. Fire-proof glass is equivalent to five standard glass panes. It also has increased resistance to the effects of vandalism and impacts.

Coated Glass

Coated glass is a double glazing glass option that provides greater energy efficiency while still being able to offer the benefits of clear glass. Coated glass allows for more UV transmission than standard double glazing and therefore has the ability to provide much better light transmission capabilities.

Low-E Glass

Low E Glass is a glass configuration used in the Double Glazing as an option that blocks either up to 50% of radiant heat or up to 70% of transmitted solar heat. Low E Glass is known to save energy and give you a lot better thermal performance than standard windows without this glass configuration. You will get cost savings year on year from Low E Glass.

Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glasses are specially formulated to absorb sound. This can be useful in situations such as where there are people having conversations on an open staircase. In another case, you may want to use acoustic glass if you have a room or area that is used for quietly studying purposes. Using this type of glass instead of others will work to reduce the amount of noise that travels throughout that specific room. Not sure what the best glass option is for your double glazing?

You don’t have to worry because we are a call away on 020 452 51670. Our friendly and helpful representatives will be on hand to assist you.

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Why Choose Ace Glazing for Your Double Glazing in London?

10-Year Guarantee

A leading supplier of window and door systems for thousands of homes across the UK, Ace Glazing London, offers a 10-year guarantee on all double glazing products.


Ace London double glazing is the first choice of homes across the city. We make sure our windows are eco friendly and last longer.

Best Energy Efficient

Ace Glazing is undisputedly one of the leading double glazing manufacturers in London. With over 10 years of experience, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge on how to create products that can reduce your energy consumption by a huge margin.

Low Cost

Ace Glazing is one of the most affordable double glazings in London because we run our business ethically. You are not paying for fancy marketing or an expensive ad agency. We have priced our products to provide you with the best possible service without breaking the bank.

Flexible Low-Interest Loans

Ace Glazing offers you the chance to spread the cost of your new windows over a low-interest loan. Our team can offer you flexible monthly payments that help keep on top of rising energy bills.  We may also be able to provide a rebate towards the cost of your new windows, depending on your home and your circumstances. Find out more about the application by calling one of our highly-trained and friendly customer service personnel on 020 452 51670 or sending an email.

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At Ace Glazing London, we are dedicated to providing the best double glazing services in London for both domestic and commercial sectors. Our glaziers are trained to provide the highest level of service to the customer, during each installation we always ensure to keep the property as tidy as possible. Ace Glazing London offers a full range of double glazing services that includes replacement windows, UPVC door replacements and conservatory replacement windows with double glazing. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Ace Glazing London to request a free quote.


What are energy ratings for double glazing?
Energy ratings in the United Kingdom for double glazed windows are ranged on a scale of A to G. The higher the rating, the better the energy efficiency. An ‘A’ rated window will reduce your heating bills by around 33% compared to a standard ‘G’ rated window.
How often should you replace double glazing?
The answer to this question will vary from person to person. It’s worth noting, however, that if you rely on your windows for heating or cooling, it may be worth replacing them more regularly as they will deteriorate at a faster rate.
How much does it cost to put in a double glazed window?
Double glazing can vary from job to job depending on a range of factors, such as the size, type, and location of the window. If you’re thinking about having new windows installed, comparing quotes from local installers is a great way to ensure you find a package that works for you.
How can I tell if my double glazing needs replacing?
Does your double glazing make a terrible noise? Is the glass cracked or discolored? This may be an indication that it needs replacing.
Can burglars break double glazing?
Burglars are more likely to target a home with single glazing as this type of window is easier to break into. If you put in BS-3621 approved double glazing, they would find it almost impossible to break into the property.
Why can I hear noise through my double glazing?
There are a number of reasons why you may hear noise through your double glazing: – The seals are worn and need replacing. – The fixed panel in your window is not correctly secured. – There is condensation between the glass and the frame. – The noise filtering system has been damaged or broken.
Does double glazing keep noise out?
Yes, this is one of the main reasons why double glazing is used – to keep outside noise and unwanted sound inside. For instance, if you are trying to sleep, particularly in a very busy street with lots of traffic or nearby bars, pubs or clubs, you will be amazed by just how much of the noise gets blocked out by double glazing.
How long does double glazing take to install?
In the majority of cases, the whole job can be completed in just one day, however, if yours is a larger commercial project it may take a little longer.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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