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Are You Looking for Aluminum Doors in London?

Aluminum Doors are doors that are made out of aluminum. This material is becoming more and more popular because of its special benefits. The durability, strength, resistance to corrosion and fire-resistance makes it a good option for doors and other building materials.

Ace Glazing London has been providing quality aluminium door installation services in London since 10 years with first class products and services. Ace Glazing offers a wide range of custom-fitted, high quality aluminium doors and frames as well as free design consultation and free quotation. 

We offer great prices with lots of extras included from start to finish. So, if you are searching for an expert to install aluminium doors, look no further than Ace Glazing in London.

Our Guarantee

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What are the Main Features of Our Aluminum Doors?

Ace’s Aluminium doors are both beautiful and dependable, increasing the comfort and value of any home or business. We have partnered with a range of reputable domestic manufacturers, and we always strive to bring you, the customer, the highest quality aluminium door systems. Here are the key features of our aluminium doors.

British Designed and Built

If you’re looking for a sleek, sophisticated, ultra energy-efficient entrance solution, then look no further than Ace Glazing London. We design and build our doors locally, so we better understand our regional weather and conditions and how they impact the entrance into your home or business.

Over 200 Different Colours Available

Ace Glazing’s aluminium doors are available in a wide range of colours. With over 200 colour combinations, you can create the perfect door and window combination for your building design. Choose from a variety of colours and styles so you can have beauty without sacrificing value.

Slim Frames

Our aluminium entrance doors feature slim frames for elegance, security and energy efficiency. The frames have slim profiles that are virtually indistinguishable from wood panels. The result: More design options and a unique sense of style for your home.

Safe & Secure

Our aluminium doors are secure, strong and affordable. These secure doors are the perfect choice for your home or business. Contrasting with our cast iron range, our aluminium doors offer a modern, clean look, and are designed to keep your building safe.

Attractive Designs

If you are considering an aluminium door for your home, whether it’s a new build or an extension, Ace Glazing London has the best aluminium front doors on the market, available in a range of colours with optional grilles in polished chrome. We use sophisticated aluminium technology to create stunning designs without compromising on strength or security, but what truly sets our aluminium doors apart is their impressive convenience features. Check out our range of doors today!

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What Are the Benefits of Using Aluminum Doors?

When it comes to choosing the right front door, installing a premium aluminium door is the perfect combination of quality, security and affordability. In addition, aluminium doors are naturally durable and are built to be more energy efficient than older uPVC models. The benefits of using aluminium doors are vast and varied, whether for commercial properties, domestic properties or new build projects. An aluminium door allows natural light to shine into the room and changes in temperature to pass out. With no internal insulation, warmth is lost via the bottom of the door causing draughts and heat loss throughout the year resulting in increased energy bills. With an aluminium door you gain all the fresh air yet keep out the draughts – keeping your home warmer and cosier for less money. Below are some other benefits of aluminium doors.

Lasting colour and environmentally friendly

Aluminium doors have lasting colour. Aluminium provides a completely maintenance free finish and looks fantastic. Whether you prefer classic or modern, aluminium provides the look you want with style that sets standards. In addition, aluminum doors are not only incredibly durable, energy efficient and aesthetically appealing, but also environmentally friendly.


Cost is one of the most common concerns for buyers looking to replace their doors and windows.

But with an ever-growing range of high-quality, strong and durable aluminium front doors, it’s never been easier to upgrade your home without breaking the bank.

Durable, Secure, and Easy to Maintain

Aluminium frames offer a perfect solution for modern lifestyles. Solid aluminium frames with glass frontage enable enhanced security making them the preferred choice for contemporary living. They are durable, lightweight and come with a variety of features such as security locking systems. Many homeowners choose aluminum doors because they ensure enhanced security to their home or business. Aluminum is also a great choice because it boasts greater durability and resistance to corrosion, water and impact.

With an estimated lifespan of 45 years, it blows wood doors out of the water in terms of durability and value for money.

Energy Efficiency

Aluminium doors are energy efficient; they have superior thermal performance to insulate your home in any weather.
With compact unitized modules combined with the latest advances in technology and manufacturing, it’s easy to match your aluminium door with your home and lifestyle. Its leading edge look can blend in smoothly with any architectural style, while its highly-insulating air and water sealed units are energy efficient to keep your living costs at a minimum.

Glazing Options Available

  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

Our Range of Aluminium Doors

Looking to make big changes to your home? Get in touch with Ace Glazing London and check out our wide range of aluminium door styles, colours and finishes for the perfect look for your home.

Aluminum Bi-folding Doors

Ace Glazing London can supply you with a large range of quality aluminium bi-folding doors. Our aluminum bi-folding doors are some of the most versatile in the market today and are available in chemical, mechanical, anodised and powder coated finishes. Superior materials and cutting edge engineering combined with superior installation methods help us produce aluminium bi-folding doors that will last for years to come.

Aluminum Sliding Doors

Our aluminium sliding doors are built to withstand British weather. Effectively moving with you as you move, our doors offer smooth operation. If it’s efficiency and modern style you’re after, there are few options more appealing than a stunning aluminium sliding door from Ace Glazing London. Our premium aluminum doors offer energy efficiency, exceptional style, superior comfort and peAce of mind — all at a very competitive price. We design our sliding doors with the idea that they would make life easier for you. Their sleek design makes them perfect for any space – from kitchens to living rooms or home offices.

Aluminum French Doors

Ace Glazing London are experts in the installation of aluminium french doors. Our aluminium french doors are tailored to your exact measurements, providing a high quality, durable product to match any property interior. Come rain or shine, our aluminium French doors will bring light and warmth to any interior.

Made from the highest quality aluminium, they’re lightweight and built to last. From our plain painted and anodised options to a wide array of powder coated options, there’s a hue to suit every house.

Aluminum Hinged Doors

Ace Glazing is among London’s premier suppliers of high quality, low-maintenance aluminium hinged doors. Our precision-engineered products are built to last and provide the ideal solution for your home. Join hundreds of satisfied customers today. Choose Ace Glazing London!

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What are the Aluminum Doors Glazing Options?

Double glazed

Double glazing your doors is the most efficient and cost effective way to cool your home. Saving up on your heating bills and reducing unnecessary heat loss from air infiltration. And did you know it can help maintain a healthy humidity level in your home? Whether it’s the look, feel and strength of an aluminium door or window that appeals to you, or the energy efficiency and enhanced security; Ace Glazing London can create the perfect entrance that’s right for you.

Triple glazed

Our triple glazing solutions will help your aluminium doors become more energy efficient, adding durability to your home & maximising comfort for you and all of your family. Featuring a lifetime guarantee, tempered toughened glass, and an aluminium frame. With fashionable colours to choose from and enhanced security features, Ace’s triple glazed aluminium door will bring joy for years to come. Let us install triple glazed aluminium doors on your new build or renovation project.

Our Aluminium Door Services in London

Marked by reliability, trust and expertise, Ace Glazing London are the leading aluminium door installers in the capital.

At Ace Glazing London, we strive to create a professional environment for our customers through our innovative and creative solutions that help you stand out amongst your competitors as well as keeping you safe.

Our aluminum doors are of commercial quality and come fully fitted with the highest quality hardware available on the market today allowing applications to be completed for homes and businesses alike. No two projects are the same no matter what our clients need done, we provide everything from installation services for new doors to full replacement of existing ones.

Aluminium Doors Installation

Ace Glazing London is a locally based business that offers a reliable Aluminium Door installation Services in London. With a strong focus on quality, value and communication, we have the skills to install your aluminium door to ensure that it’s fitted seamlessly into any home or property that you may wish to have it installed. We are fully insured and also qualified to install aluminium doors. We are proud of our installation work which covers all aspects from design & engineering through to customer support. Our proven track record has earned us numerous top reviews from tradesmen all over London with many people coming back to us for any additional work they need done.

Aluminium Doors Replacement

Ace Glazing London is an expert in aluminium door replacement services in the area. No matter how big or small your project, we can carry out all aluminium door replacement jobs quickly and effectively. With over 10 years of experience providing aluminium door replacement services in London, you can be confident that we are fully equipped to handle any job. Having completed numerous restoration projects for local homeowners since opening our doors for business, we are already familiar with the area’s requirements and standards.

Aluminium Doors Draught Proofing

Ace Glazing London is a company that specialises in Aluminium Door draught proofing Services in London. We offer a range of solutions from retaining the original draught exclusion feature to completely preventing air infiltration. Our qualified engineers will come to your property to take stock of your existing door’s condition, and then create bespoke draught proofing solutions for your home.

Aluminium Doors Sound Proofing

Minimise unwanted outside noises and create a better acoustic environment in your office or home with our expertly installed aluminium door soundproofing. We can significantly reduce noise levels using our effective noise reducing acoustic glass treatments, thermal barriers, suspended ceilings, and partition walls and doors if required.

Aluminium Doors Maintenance

We offer a range of door maintenance services in London to help your property look and perform its best.

We work with both residential and commercial clients to keep their doors rust-free, weather-tight, and in perfect condition.

Why Choose ACE Glazing London?

Exceptional Customer Service

Ace Glazing London provides exceptional customer service, combining high quality products and services with affordable prices. Established in 10 years, we’ve served thousands of customers across London and beyond, gaining a local reputation for reliability and efficiency. From our base in London, we offer a range of glazing services tailored to the needs of both homeowners and businesses. With over 90% of our business coming from recommendations from happy customers, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Quality Workmanship

Our services at Ace Glazing London will ensure that the job is done right, by completing any aluminium door replacement or installation effectively and with care. Whether your new doors are sliding doors, bi-folding glass doors or simple swing doors, we can find a solution for you.

You can be assured of our quality workmanship as well as technical know-how when working with our company. Contact us for more information about door replacement or installation today!

Licensed Experts

Ace Glazing London are experts in delivering high quality aluminium door installations and replacement.

Established 10 years ago, we have now completed hundreds of aluminium door installations.

Our primary focus is on quality – not just in terms of the products we choose to install, but also our staff.

We make sure your aluminum entrance doors are installed safely and securely by licensed experts. 

Flexible Appointments

Your requirement for one or a series of aluminium door installations can be accommodated by our team of certified installers.

We’re flexible with our installation schedule, and we unashamedly stand behind our craftsmanship.

10-Year, Independent Guarantee

We offer a 10-year independent guarantee for all our aluminium doors. The guarantee is available to the original purchaser of any door purchased within the last 10 years. We do not offer a guarantee cover against vandalism or criminal damage, this can be included at an additional cost.

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Visit our Aluminum Doors Gallery

Let the world in. Introducing a collection of beautiful, durable, lightweight aluminium entry doors and canopies that are expertly crafted to enhance and modernise your home. Our new range is more energy efficient than ever before, and for many models, has enhanced security features like soft close hinges and push-to-open features. From traditional styles to modern designs, we have something for everyone, with arched door prices here – browse through our gallery or visit a showroom near you. Your home deserves the best – so let it in.

Case Studies

Are you too busy to take a look at our aluminium door? Click to see what customers have to say about their aluminium doors. An important part of any aluminium door supplier’s visual communication is case studies of their work. These can often be an example of what a client might want to achieve.

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What is glazing in the Aluminium door?
Glazing panels are glass sheets with aluminium frames that can add a stylish look to exterior doors. Glazing can be used for entrance and patio doors or on windows for homes, businesses or commercial buildings.

The glazing of an aluminium door is the glass that is used in the doors. One can have double glazed or single or triple glazed doors with or without a Low-E coating. Glazing in Aluminium doors is made of glass. It keeps out heat from the outdoors and lets light inside, thus making your house look bright and comfortable.

Are Aluminium doors better than uPVC?
Yes! Aluminium windows and door frames are far more energy efficient than uPVC.
When doing a home improvement project, most people want the best value for their money. That applies to materials as well as labour. When it comes to doors, you have several choices….many people will choose aluminium over uPVC (exterior) and hardwood (interior).
Do Aluminium doors expand in heat?
Aluminium is not subject to thermal expansion and therefore does not expand in heat. there is virtually no expansion with temperature. The most likely cause of damage is when the door is removed and replaced without removal of the sash weights.
Can you repaint Aluminium doors?
Yes, but that depends on the kind of paint you use! To ensure that your aluminium doors will resist corrosion and oxidation, you should only use powder coating. The powder coating we use for our products is a fluoropolymer (PTFE) coating. This colourfully named substance helps prevent the formation of tribochromes in aluminium products, such as chromium oxides and acid-resistant yellow/brown anodising. Our PTFE-coated aluminium windows are the most durable available on the market! Ace’s Signature range of aluminium-framed front doors can be repainted to match your requirements with an acrylic paint of your choosing. Ace Aluminium Doors also have a high tolerance to scratches and can withstand salt spray corrosion tests. For more information regarding colour options please contact us .

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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