uPVC Windows Installation In London

Looking for highly energy-efficient windows? uPVC windows will enhance your home and make it more attractive and energy-efficient for years to come. Ace Glazing London is an experienced installer of uPVC windows in London. Whether you’re looking for new uPVC windows or simply to have your existing ones replaced, we’ve got the very best deals on our high-quality installation, as well as a professional team ready to help. Get in touch today on 020 452 51670 to discuss your uPVC window installation.

What is a uPVC Window?

The acronym stands for ‘Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’. A uPVC window is a type of window built from Polyvinyl Chloride plastics. It’s a strong and durable material – so you can count on your window to be as tough as the building it sits in, whatever the weather. There are many different kinds of uPVC windows on the market. Here at Ace Glazing London, we only use the highest quality uPVC in all of our installations to ensure that your new windows will last for years to come. Call us today on 020 452 51670 for your uPVC window installation!

What are the Benefits of Installing uPVC  Windows?

Thermal Efficiency

For thermal performance, uPVC windows are more thermally efficient than wood windows making them one of the best materials in the market for reducing energy consumption and saving you money on energy bills.

Highly Durable

uPVC windows are incredibly durable with a lifespan of more than 20 years depending on the nature of installation and maintenance. Aces Glazing London uPVC window installation ensures that you have a product that continues to look good and perform for decades to come.


uPVC windows are designed to combat corrosion. They’re made from corrosion-free materials like PVC and UPVC so as to withstand high impact and even extreme weather conditions without cracking or rusting.

Noise Reduction

uPVC windows offer some of the most effective noise reduction, making it much easier to relax within your home. uPVC windows are perfect for your bathroom, kitchen and living room where the impact of noise from the external can be reduced.

Good Insulation

Our uPVC windows do provide good insulation when installed properly, keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat in during the summer.


If you want to save money in the long term, then you can opt for uPVC windows. uPVC windows are extremely pocket-friendly because of their long lifespan and minimal maintenance.  They may be the perfect investment for the property that you wish to sell in the near future.

High Security

Adding uPVC Windows in your home is ideal protection against burglars and intruders. It’s often considered to be a burglar-proof window. In this way, any unwanted persons can easily be seen by the residents when they pass by your window.

Minimum Maintenance

uPVC windows are a low maintenance choice that can help improve the look of your home by allowing light to shine through and creating a more open space. Simply wipe them down, leave them alone, and they’ll keep looking great for years.


uPVC Windows are recyclable and can be recycled with a variety of other plastic substances, depending on the recycling facility. The raw materials in uPVC windows are resin & glass; both of these materials can easily be recycled.


Termite-free windows means your home or office will be a healthier and more comfortable place to live, work and play. And you’ll reduce the risk of termites entering your building. uPVC windows are a non-organic product, making it impossible for termites to eat them. uPVC windows can be installed in any soil conditions and thus are not susceptible to damage from termites. Contact the experts of Ace Glazing London for your uPVC window installation. Call 020 452 51670.

Why Professional uPVC Windows Installation is Better than DIY

More Experienced

When it comes to uPVC Window installation, it’s a good idea to go with an experienced installer instead of going the DIY route. This is because the window may need to meet certain weather conditions as it and its frame are exposed to the elements. An experienced installer can identify leaks, drafts and corrosion during installation and make necessary corrections before any damage can be done.

Keeping with Latest Trends

A quality uPVC installer will consistently benchmark their performance and keep tabs on industry trends to ensure they provide top-notch service and a great customer experience with a great understanding of the procedures of fixing any possible problems that may arise as well as knowing how to resolve them quickly and cost-effectively.

Use Correct Tools

The correct tools are essential for a job to be done efficiently and effectively. Professional installers require professional quality tools, which can only be guaranteed by the branded manufacturer. There are many incidents of DIYers using inappropriate tools on their newly installed windows and doors, leading to stress and a potentially dangerous situation.

DIYs Have Zero Warranty

Do-it-yourselfers have zero warranty on a window installation, and they may also endanger others when they are working on your home. uPVC windows are sometimes fitted incorrectly by homeowners because they don’t know the first thing about them. At Aces Glazing London, we guarantee our work for 10 years because we leave no room for error whatsoever.

Our uPVC Windows Installation Process


The preparation for uPVC windows installation is very important. We prepare for uPVC windows installation before, during, and after the installation. We start the project with a complete site survey of your property using industry-standard measuring logs, and then we assess any obstacles which can affect the design for your new windows. After profiling your home and undertaking a thorough survey of your property, our installation crews will begin fixing your new uPVC windows into position and preparing them for fitting.


It is best to remove existing windows before uPVC window installation.  uPVC windows are installed after removal of existing windows. We take all necessary precautions to avoid any damage to the structure or interior during window removal.


We follow a simple but effective phased approach to installations: First, we’ll fit your new frames so that they sit neatly, precisely and securely in position, we prepare the existing frame (if required), then carefully position and secure it. Next, we fill any gaps around the frame, using expanding foam or silicone sealants. Finally, once you’re happy with the result, we finish the job off by fitting your glass.


Our team sealed uPVC windows to keep them in good condition for several years. We are highly experienced in sealing uPVC windows, so you can be completely comfortable and sure that after installing your uPVC window your home or business premises will get full protection from heat and noise and other issues with window seals.

What to Expect from Our uPVC Window Installation Team

With decades of uPVC windows installation experience, you can expect absolute expert craftsmanship from our uPVC window installation team. Featuring second-to-none quality and safety standards, you’re guaranteed to have the highest quality windows in the area installed by our professional experts.

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When We Arrive Onsite

The crew of Ace Glazing London will arrive at your doorstep on time, well-dressed and equipped with all necessary staff to install your uPVC windows. Our team will carry out this work in a timely manner, keeping you informed of any issues that may arise. They will leave your house clean and well-presented when the job is finished. They will pay particular attention to detail, leaving no mess behind. For more detailed information please call us at 020 452 51670 right now.

After the Installation

After the installation of uPVC windows, we clean the site and make sure the area around is safe. The second step after installation of a new uPVC window is to seal the edges. This is most important for the new install where sealant stops heat loss and water infiltration through the edges. With a little care and attention, your new uPVC windows can be expected to last for decades. We will be on hand to give you your ‘Sign-off Certificate’ upon completion of your uPVC windows installation and we will also discuss how to maintain them over the years. Together with our quality guarantee, this ensures that you will enjoy an excellent level of service over a long period of time.

After-Care and Servicing

Here at Ace Glazing London, we pride ourselves on customer service. Our after-care service will make sure your windows are being maintained perfectly. From cleaning to maintenance, our experienced team can take care of everything. For more information, please contact us today on 020 452 51670.

What is the Cost of the uPVC Window Installation?

Ace Glazing London uPVC windows cost about £XXX, this is surely the most affordable way to significantly reduce your energy bills and stay warm in winter. We are positive that we provide the cheapest offer on the market with quality and satisfaction guaranteed. If you need to replace the windows in your home or want your property updated then contact our expert today for a FREE no-obligation survey on 020 452 51670.

What is Our Customer’s Feedback?

The customer’s feedback is the most important to us. We are proud to say that the feedback we have received from clients is huge. You can read some of these testimonials below:

“Ace Glazing London is one of the best double glazing companies in the capital. With a decade worth of experience, they boast their skills to fit quality products and make properties more secure. Give them a call today!”

“There are many-many online uPVC window companies around but now after getting our windows done by Ace Glazing London we would strongly recommend the company to anyone who’s about to redecorate their home or planning an extension. We were very concerned about saving money in the process as it was quite a big job, but they priced reasonably and saved us a lot of money. And the quality of their work is second to none.”

“It’s been a while since I have been this excited about anything. The people at Ace Glazing London were professional from initial contact to installation and beyond. They managed the whole process efficiently and were able to respond to my questions quickly and without hesitation. They also gave me confidence that the team would be able to perform the job as required. This trust was well rewarded with an excellent end result. The window has made a huge improvement to our home comfort level.”

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Why choose us?
As a FENSA accredited uPVC window installer, our goal is to install high- quality uPVC windows so that you get the highest level of protection for years to come. We’ve been doing this for decades and that means we have a reputation to protect. Our installers undergo rigorous training to ensure they are using the best techniques to fit your windows correctly with a 10-year warranty. Call us today on 020 452 51670 to get started.
What are the different types of uPVC Windows to Install?
Casement UPVC windows; French Windows; Awning UPVC windows Sliding UPVC windows; Tilt and Turn UPVC Windows; and Fixed UPVC Windows. Aces Glazing London have all types of uPVC windows at the most affordable prices. Call us today on 020 452 51670 to discuss the type of uPVC that suits your property.
What should I do before uPVC window installers arrive?
The first step to installing glazing in your home is making sure that you’re prepared for the process:       Remove all of your furniture from the room that you are installing your window in. Have a bucket or other container ready to catch any debris that may fall onto the floor as a result of drilling into the walls.

Make sure that there are at least two feet of open space on both sides of your window, as well as above it when ordering and installing glazing, including if you order fixed or patio doors.  Mark two horizontal lines on your wall to indicate where the window will go, and have someone else present during installation so that they can look out for any debris.

How long will the uPVC window installation take?
The installation of our uPVC window normally takes place within a week of your order being placed, and it is usually carried out between 8 am and 6 pm. Typically, our team will complete the work in approximately two days, although this varies depending on the requirements of the project and whether extra materials need to be ordered.