Steel Windows Installation In London

Steel windows are one of the most popular choices for homeowners. Their safety, soundproofing ability and practicality make them perfect for home use. Steel windows are often available in a wide range of colours, including grey, black, blue and brown-bright/dark/undercoat.

Steel windows are unique because of the way they react to heat. Because they are solid metal, when they become hot from the sun or a fire, their expansion rate is faster than any other common building material. Are You Looking for a steel window installer in London? With over 10 years of experience, we are one of the best installers of steel windows serving the whole of London.

At Ace Glazing London, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of service and we take great pride in the quality of our workmanship.

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Types of Steel Windows We Install

Classic Steel Windows

Classic steel windows are the full height, fixed pane, double-glazed window with an improved thermal performance of up to U-value 1.2W/m2K, high mechanical strength, especially sound insulation and good anti-corrosion properties. We can also design classic steel windows with glass that are partially frosted, with other innovative glazing solutions such as internal blinds, clerestory windows, and glazing bars.

Thermally Broken Steel Windows

A Thermally broken steel window is a sealed window with metallic thermal breaks that makes the difference. The thermal break is a double glazed unit, where the air gap between the two minimises heat loss. Thermally broken steel windows help keep the heat in and the cold out. Steel frames are more resilient than aluminium giving you peace of mind that your windows will stand strong against the elements. Thermally Broken steel windows also create a massive energy saving whether they are used on their own or as part of an overall window system. Thermally Broken steel frames are also known for their strength and durability.

Casement steel window frame

Casement steel window frames are excellent and aesthetically pleasing options for any property. They havea vast range of benefits. From strength and security to thermal-efficiency, energy efficiency, low cost maintenance and the option of double glazing.

Hopper steel window frames

Hopper steel window frames are made using panels of 1.5 – 3.5mm multiple gauge galvanised steel.

The frame takes the shape of the window so you can use any angle/joint combination. They are extremely strong due to the double rivet joint and where required welded in place for added strength. At Ace Glazing London, we are one of the leading installers of Hopper steel window frames.

Awning steel window frames

An awning window is a framed window that curves upwards from the bottom to the top. They are sometimes made of actual awnings material and often consist of a traditional sash window attached to its lower portion. Who uses this? Unlike regular windows, many people will find awning windows more useful for specialised or limited purposes. For example, some people may choose an awning window for their children’s bedrooms as this kind of window fits a child’s room better than a standard casement window would. They could also be useful in bathrooms or kitchens as well due to their sleek and stylish design. Awning steel window frames have an immediate visual impact on the look and feel of a building, as soon as they are installed.

French casement steel window frames

French casement steel window frames are perfect for any room. The double-action hardware keeps the window secure both in the open and closed position. Corrosion-resistant, thermally broken, and made in the UK to last for over 40-years.

Tilt and slide steel window frames

Tilt and slide steel window frames make opening a breeze. The tilt and slide are also called a double-hung window. It’s unique in that the upper half can swing open 180 degrees while the bottom half opens 90 degrees, allowing for easy operation.

Tilt and turn steel window frames

Tilt and turn steel window frames are ideal for a range of properties in a variety of locations. These windows are designed to improve your home’s interior space and let in more natural light. They feature easy-close hinges, as well as full security locks that also meet the highest fire safety standards.

Bay and bow steel window frames

We also install bay and bow steel windows with a number of designs that can be adapted to suit your home. Bay and bow windows are often fitted as an extension onto existing properties. They’re widely used in commercial environments too, such as schools, offices, and shops.

Double Hung steel window frames

Double-hung windows are typically the most popular choice for residential and commercial buildings alike.

With a full glass pane in the upper sash and small panes in the lower, this type of window gives you the best of both worlds!

Partition type steel window frames

Partition type steel window frames are a steel frame that comes in rectangular and ellipse shapes. These frames can be fixed to the wall and then you choose your own glass panel to insert in the space provided within the frame. The idea is to have a window with no visible frame around it and look like an uninterrupted wall of glass from outside giving the impression of more light and space than is actually possible to achieve with many traditional designs.

Industrial-type steel window frames

Industrial-type steel window frames which are as per British Standard require a different approach to installation and glazing. This requires window installation experts with the right equipment and knowledge of materials used for the job. At Ace Glazing London, Our experience team  has been doing steel windows installation for over  decades.

Benefits of Steel Windows We Install

Low maintenance

Maintaining steel windows for a building is part of the property maintenance. They are easier to maintain, as they last for many years, meaning that you can get more than your money’s worth out of them since they will not need maintenance very often.

Keep the heat in your home

Steel window products are an excellent choice because they have great thermal efficiency ratings that allow the windows to help retain the heat in your house, which is why they can help reduce your energy bills each month.

Long lifetime

As a strong material, steel windows won’t need to be replaced for many years to come. Depending on the manufacturer of your windows, they will remain part of your property for at least 20 years.

Strong and secure

Quality steel windows are incredibly secure, with high-security locking that can be supplemented by High-Security Locks. Steel windows are made with an aluminium frame and polyamide profile glazing which is resistant to corrosion and has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The special treatment of the surface eliminates chemical adhesion to glass, ensuring complete watertightness. They are stronger, more secure, easier to maintain and lower maintenance than aluminium or wooden windows.


Steel windows can be installed in a wide variety of buildings. They are an ideal choice for large-scale projects, such as hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities. They also perform well in both residential and commercial structures. They’re available in several colours to coordinate with the design of your property and have a variety of arch shapes to choose from.

Potentially a sustainable material

In these times of environmental protection and global warming, perhaps it’s time to make a lasting change by using a material that is sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. Steel has been long used in the manufacturing of windows because of its strength, longevity, and integrity.

Glazing Options Available

  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Triple Glazing

Our Steel Window Installation Process

Getting Started

Our steel window installation process is pretty simple because we at Ace Glazing London use a thorough planning and design system for our jobs. It starts with a free no-obligation quote from Ace Glazing London. This will include an in-depth look at all the elements required to complete your installation. Homeowners can expect a friendly and professional service as we work with them to install their new windows

Placing The Window Into The Opening

We’ll go through the opening and mark the frame’s position. Then, using a pneumatic or hand nailing gun, we’ll nail up the boards that make up the header and sill. We’ll then snap a chalk line to ensure that our headers are in-line. This is especially important if there will be multiple units on one wall. We’ll then set up our shim kit so that we can shim under any side of the window frame that might be a little low.

The Opening

Our expert fitters measure the opening to determine how much new glass and steel will be required. The first step is to carefully measure the opening size and choose the correct frame size.

Fastening The Window

The window is applied with a screw gun and drywall screws. They are screwed through the metal casing into wall studs. We have found that this fastening method is much more secure than others we’ve tried. Another option would be to install pop-in fasteners so that you will not have to worry about any water leakage.

Sealing The Exterior Perimeter Gap

We believe in the importance of using the best sealant available. The wider the window opening, the longer it takes to dry. This is why we employ a strategy of applying a two-inch bead of sealant to all exterior openings and give it time to cure before working around the rest of the install.

Glazing and Finish

Then, we glaze the windows with steel glazing beads adhering to any necessary fire regulations of that area. When all is said and done, we install our custom-made windows for a beautiful finish inside and out. it’s time to take a step back and admire our work.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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Our Steel Windows Installation Service

Ace Glazing London is one of the top glazing companies in London. We are the leader in our field so you can trust on us for any type of steel window installation project in your home and we will deliver 100% satisfaction to you and a perfect result at the end of installing new steel windows on top of your old ones or removing existing windows from your home. Call us  on 020 452 51670 for 24/7 consultation and Installation of steel windows.

Design that Suits Your Specific Needs and Preference

At Ace Glazing, we offer an experienced, reliable service with years of experience in steel windows installation services. As a domestic and commercial installer of steel windows, we can ensure the safety of your property as well as make your home more secure. We pride ourselves on our individual approach and we’ll tailor a solution that meets your specific needs and preferences. We provide steel windows installation in London.

Work Carried Out Using Modern Technique and the Latest Equipment

Our steel windows installation service is carried out using our expert team, which uses the latest and most modern techniques available in the industry. Our company is dedicated to installing steel windows with great efficiency in your building renovation or new project.

Consultation and Advice on Steel Window Options

Our specialists in steel windows installation will provide you with a free consultation and advice on your installation job. You can book a free appointment for steel windows installation by calling us on 020 452 51670 today.

Why Choose Us for Your Steel Window Installation?

We are one of the UK Leading Window Installer

At Ace Glazing London, our superior standard of workmanship has been achieved through years of hands-on experience in the industry that is backed up by a reputation for quality service, which is why so many people first contact us when they decide to install steel windows. We pride ourselves on providing all our customers with the best window installation service at an affordable price. All of our team members are fully qualified and insured, this means you’ll always receive the highest standard of workmanship on all projects at all times.

Market-leading design and consultancy

We have over decades of design experience in the steel window market, which means we can bring you a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our clients get peace of mind from knowing they’re working with one of the top companies in their area.

High-Level of Professionalism

When it comes to your steel window installation, you have the right to expect a professional and competent service. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism in our business. All our staff is trained to a high level, so you can be sure that you’ll receive a first-class service from us every time.

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Do Steel Windows rust?
No, Steel Windows are made of a combination of raw materials that make them rust-free. They are then coated in aluminum or copper to prevent any other damage.
Is the steel window better than a wood window?
Yes, the steel window is better than wood because it can resist any weather conditions. It can last for over 20 years while the wood window will start to rot after a few years.
How large can steel windows be?
Steel frames can be made to suit your specific requirements. Regardless of the size or shape of your space – whether it’s square, rectangular, round, or triangular.
Are steel windows available with a thermal break?
Yes, steel frames now come with a thermal break. Multiple glazed units come with or without a thermal break and multiple coloured glasses are also available in black or grey.
What types of glass can be used in a steel window?
Steel windows can handle glasses of varying sizes, from 1/8 to 1-1/4 inches, including single pane, laminated or leaded glass, in fact, steel windows can carry most of the currently available high-performance insulated glass on the market today.