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Ace Glazing London is a specialist installation company serving all of London and the Home Counties. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship that is second to none. All our installers are highly skilled, reliable, and fully insured. We offer free, friendly advice with any project, providing regular consultation throughout the working day. Aces Glazing London provides estimates and quotations for all aspects of door fitting services. You can ask us for a FREE quotation or visit our website for more information regarding our standard installation services.

What Are French Doors?

French doors are external doors. They slide open and closed and are securely held in place by a number of multipoint locks, which means they lock from the top and bottom, as well as inside and out. To help this unique design move smoothly, each door has rollers that follow a track to allow for smooth gliding when opening or closing the doors. French doors are a type of patio door. They are just much larger, so you can fit more through it – possibly an entire room’s worth of furniture or a chest freezer.

French doors don’t have their hinges on the edge of the frame. Instead, they run the full width of the door, which makes them very secure. They can be made in virtually any style or material and are ideal for bringing an indoor space to the outdoors, or vice versa. French doors are in fact an assembly of single door units hung side by side. They are the option you go for when you’re looking for a larger opening than is provided by standard doors but don’t want to compromise on security. Easy to install, these can be made with up to ten opening panels for large openings such as conservatories, light commercial applications or anything else your projects may require. They are designed to match most sizes so that you will not encounter any problems using them in your home.

Types of French Doors We Install

External (French patio doors)

External french doors are the best way to bring light into your home, whether it’s because you want to add more light to a dark area of your home or improve your outside living space. External doors are often referred to as French Patio Doors. They have the same function as other external doors & bring style and beauty to your home. External doors are door frames that are installed onto the outside of the property and can be hinged on either side to allow ease of access. They are ideal for terraces, conservatories and porches. There is a huge variety in External Doors, choose from bi-folding, tri-folding, sliding or hinged doors. They come as replacements for patio doors or for new builds.

Interior French Doors

Interior French Doors look as good as new with a fresh lick of paint. If your doors are showing their age, a simple, non-intrusive makeover is the easiest way to breathe new life into your space. Ace Glazing London uses the latest products available, and our friendly team can help you choose the ideal interior french for your property. Interior french doors are designed to create a seamless transition between indoors and out, allowing the outside in with ease.

Sliding French Doors

Sliding French Doors are a popular design for many architectural projects. As French doors provide multiple access to a wider space, sliding french doors make it easy for opening up the full width or for providing ventilation in larger spaces, while still maintaining the classic look. They are also often chosen to integrate with furniture and home decor due to their distinctive artistic details. These sliding doors are easy to clean and maintain as well as being cosmetically appealing.

Sliding French doors are not the same as bi-folding doors, which have a solid middle part. A bi-fold door leaves a large gap between the two leaves, whilst a Sliding French door features a single continuous leaf; in other words, it’s one piece of glass with two separate doors that slide past each other when opened.

Key Features of the French Doors We Install

Traditional appearance with modern performance

French doors give your home a traditional appearance while providing the added bonus of more living space and natural light. Our UPVC French doors are constructed from strong, high-performance materials to ensure they stand up to even the heaviest use.

Highly secure

French Doors provide great security for various reasons. Firstly, the door double locks from the inside of your home at all times including when you’re in your home and when you are not.

Secondly, French Doors can be fitted with Catch-Lock securing systems that offer additional security; when you close your door it ‘stamps’ as though closed with a rubber impact, preventing burglars from checking if a door is truly closed or opened without breaking the glass.

Lastly, French Doors protect your property from access by intruders since intruders cannot reach inside to open windows or balcony doors that you have left open.


French Doors are engineered with high-quality materials, ensuring optimum weatherproofing and thermal efficiency, for years of reliable performance.

High Thermal Efficiency

When it comes to thermal efficiency, uPVC French Doors have it all. Airtight and air-locked, they are exceptional thermal insulators and energy savers. Unlike traditional doors, there is no heat loss. French doors keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Multiple uPVC and Anodised Colours

French doors are built using the latest technology and come in a range of uPVC colours to suit your home. They feature multi-point locks for maximum security and are available as single or double opening with a choice of 2, 3, or 6 glass panels of various thicknesses, including 1.8mm toughened.

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Energy-efficient Glazing Options

A special insulating film is applied to the outside of single-glazed French Doors reducing heat loss by up to 50%.

Benefits of French Doors

Opens up space

Anyone with a vision for their home will know the advantages of having French doors installed. There is a range of designs that can transform a house into a light and airy space, opening up areas to provide better access and maintaining room temperature.

Brings the outside in

Your home is your castle, and the French doors from Ace Glazing London have been created to make it truly yours. Enhance the wellbeing of your family and enhance the overall look and feel of your property with doors that will help bring your home alive, inside.

Warmer home

The installation of  French Doors will keep your home warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. They will reduce drafts by as much as 80% and slow the escape of heat, which means your heating won’t have to work so hard.


The French Doors are ideal for soundproofing the noise of teenagers into bedrooms and the living room from the kitchen. Also, our doors create an effective barrier to reduce outside noise entering the lounge or bedroom at night.

Exceptional Security for Your Property

The benefit of  French doors is exceptional security and many benefits beyond that. It can be confidently used as the main door for a property or a small business. French doors provide a unique combination of security and beauty, making them the most sought after type of door in and around any home. Not only do they have double glazing for better insulation but also are very strong and resistant to being smashed easily.

The heavy-duty lock mechanism is another feature that adds more to the overall safety and security of this door.


Practicality is an important aspect to consider when choosing your French doors. French doors possess a practical design that allows for the smooth flow and efficient operation of moving in and out. Some French doors allow you to open the door while still being protected from outside elements.

Our French Doors Installation Process

We measure the opening

Our french door installation process begins with a site visit to measure the opening you wish to replace. We can make openings wider if needed, using our design service. From here we’ll be able to tell what timber we’ll need to source and how many door units are needed.

Prepare the space

Before the French Doors Installation begins, we study the area extensively. We look at how we maximise your home’s layout, add on features, or change certain aspects. After measuring the space, we take into account all the available physical factors and match them to our products to create a bespoke solution.

Install the new french door

Once we’ve agreed it’s time to install your new french doors, we’ll send out one of our highly trained French Doors fitters to come and survey the area. They will then bring with them all of the tools needed for removal of the old door and replacing it with your new French Doors.

Finish the door

All of our french doors are equipped with soft close hinges. Our experts will make sure to fasten the hinges onto the door frame perfectly and make sure the door can open and close without any difficulty.

Our French Doors Installation Service

After many years in the glazing industry, we continue to offer the very best service to both our domestic and commercial customers. Specialising in the supply, installation, and manufacture of a wide range of products. We are on call on 020 452 51670 for 24/7 consultation and Installation of doors.

Design that Suits Your Specific Needs and Preference

Each household is different, which is why we provide a range of bespoke design and installation services for our uPVC doors. From french doors to patio doors and through bi-folding, and conservatory doors, we aim to work around your specific needs as well as providing you with the best possible service.

Work Carried Out Using Modern Technique and the Latest Equipment

Our dedicated team of French Doors consultants use the most advanced techniques and equipment to make sure your doors are fitted correctly

Consultation and Advice on French Windows

Here at Ace Glazing, we like to get you involved with the decision-making process as much as possible. We will come and meet with you to discuss all your window requirements, listen to any questions you may have, offer advice on the right product for your budget, and then produce a set of drawings if necessary.

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Contact Ace Glazing London today and experience our commitment to quality, sourcing only the finest products from the most reputable companies in the industry. Whether it is a small installation or a large project, you can be assured that our experts will coordinate the work in a timely and professional manner. Our quality workmanship is backed by our 20 Year Guarantee on all new installations.

We are Highly Recommended

Ace Glazing London offers a range of products that are manufactured and handcrafted in the UK by fitting professionals. We have been in business for over a decade helping homeowners, businesses, and commercial premises to solve their window problems.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to you, our customer, our primary concern is providing you with quality at affordable prices. Through the years, we have seen many come and go. What remains is those who thrived in good relationships with their customers. We believe that our success as a company is based on satisfying your doors needs with products that are both made and installed with care.

Friendly Customer Service

We value our customers and want to make sure you are satisfied with the work we accomplish together. We will go above and beyond to ensure that you know exactly what we’re doing and understand why.

Fully insured installation service

Ace Glazing London specialises in the installation of homes uPVC french doors. Our installers are fully insured and we take care of everything. We complete all types of jobs – large or small, simple or complicated.

Free Measuring and Quotation Service

Ace Glazing London offers a free, measuring, and quotation service for all types of french doors.

Double Glazed as Standard

Ace Glazing London offers the ultimate double glazed solution. Our performance and energy rating is up to 5 times better than standard, with a frame that is manufactured without the use of 100% recycled vinyl.

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How long does it take to install French doors?
The time it takes to install a pair of French doors will vary depending on the size and type of door. Roughly speaking you can expect each door to take an hour to attach the frame, handles, etc., another hour or so for the glazing, and up to an hour per size for fitting their respective frame.
Is it hard to install French doors?
One of the main things that make French Doors difficult to install is securing the frame of exterior doors. The door hinge must be installed first because the door needs to open during this process. This might cause difficulties due to the French door being too long.

Although it may sound simple to install a French door window, the process can take longer than expected and it can be difficult and time-consuming depending on your door’s location or plan for where you are going to put them in place without compromising your property design.

Which is better – inswing or outswing French doors?
You get energy efficiency and security for the inswing, but a larger glass area, more protection against bad weather, and more natural light with outswing French doors. Which type to choose depends upon your priorities.


Can French doors have screens?
The large majority of french doors that we install have screens. This is because the most popular sizes are 6′-7′ wide and most patio doors in the UK are 3′-6′ wide, so there is a significant gap at one side of the doors if you try to get a screen for them.  The standard width of our double and triple glazed windows, which we use for screens in these situations, is 130mm. We can probably also find a wider screen if you want it but we usually use galvanized steel frames on french doors so they can’t be made narrower.
Can French doors be repaired?
French doors can be repaired to either refit the hinges, or even to replace the glass panel. This is because the French door glazing unit is a singular component, while other casement units come as two. French doors are often upgrades from either sliding patio doors or single glazed patio doors and offer far greater possibilities to the homeowner.
What does Ace Glazing London charge to install French doors?
Call us and we’ll give you a free quote, tailored to your property.
Do French doors add value to your home?
French doors add immense value to any property. They offer the ability to let in natural light and create a feeling of spaciousness. They also can improve home security by permitting safer access to a home or via an outside balcony, terrace or stoop.
Will I need planning permission to install French doors?
Whether planning permission is required for the installation of double glazed french doors will depend on your exact requirements. Construction of french doors involves three layers with each layer subject to different building control regulations.  The outer door is construction work and therefore requires planning permission if it’s accepted that the impact of this change has more than a minimal effect on the setting or character of the area.
Should French doors open in or out?
French doors should always open inward. This allows you to keep the hinge side protected from exterior conditions and provides better protection for the door during storms and strong winds. It also ensures that your glass casings stay intact via a security device called sash lock.
What is considered a French door?
A French door consists of a pair of vertical sliding doors set in a frame. In the locked position, the doors latch at the top and bottom, with only a small space between them through which light can enter. Typically, standard French doors are set in pairs on each side of an entryway or other opening.
Can you turn regular doors into French doors?
Certainly! Many properties have fire doors which can be changed into French Doors and still allow you easy access in and out of the property, but if your door is a solid core door. Generally, we will change these into French doors but it would depend on the spec and age of the door.
Are French doors easy to break into?
French Doors have been a popular choice for many years, not just because of their good looks but also the improved security that is available.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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