Bi-fold Doors Installation In London

Bifold doors are doors that slide open, built like a concertina, are made from a set of panels that fold up against the wall. Bifold doors can be built as a doorway to your conservatory or garden, or even as a way to separate a larger room without missing out on that sense of space. They are the most common type of sliding door in the United Kingdom and can be used within both domestic and commercial properties. Aces Glazing London are expert installers of Bi-fold Doors, offering a complete range of Bi-fold doors from the UK’s leading manufacturers.

Our installation team are professional and knowledgeable, each having over 10  years of experience in the glazing industry. Each door is precision-engineered to your order, creating a perfect fit every time. At Aces Glazing London, we offer a complete installation service for your bi-fold doors – giving you one less thing to worry about. Whether they are internal or external, each job is fitted to the highest of standards by our experts. If you have any questions about our Bi-fold doors installation service – please get in touch with us via email or on 020 452 51670.

What are the benefits of installing bi-folding doors in your house?

Compact and aesthetically pleasing profile

Bi-Fold doors are one of the most aesthetically pleasing and compact designs of doors available. The predetermined layout of the bi-fold means that you do not lose any room space while you open the door completely.

Allow for more natural light

Bi-fold doors allow for more natural light, let in outdoor air, and remain open when using them. This can make your home look bigger and brighter, and it can also save you money by reducing your heating and air conditioning costs on those bright sunny days. Thousands of our clients do this every year.

Superior security and safety

Bi-fold doors have different security features which make them a safe option for residential, commercial and other buildings. These features include, but are not limited to steel bar locks, deadbolts and glass break sensors. Bi-Fold Doors are highly effective safety doors. As they open, the leaves also swing out, allowing you to see outside at all times and still have complete mobility inside the home or workplace.

Add value to your home

The first impression your front door gives people as they enter your home should be a welcoming one. Make your home a valuable asset for the next owner. This type of door adds sophistication and value to any property, creating an impressive first impression on visitors to your home.

Low maintenance but highly durable

Bi-Fold doors are a great option for any homeowner looking to update their home’s interior. The benefits of bi-fold doors include the fact that the door is low maintenance and long lasting – providing homeowners with years of enjoyment.

Where to use bi-fold doors?

Bi-fold doors can be used on many types of buildings. They are most commonly installed in the entrance to a home or in a hallway, but they can also be incorporated into rooms, such as an office. They are usually used in independent homes, flats and as access ways into the conservatory or garden.

What are the types of bi-folding doors we install?

There are different types of folding door systems that we can install in your home. Each bi-folding door system has its own unique purpose and appeal, so you can select the one that will fit your needs. The three types are

The Single Bifold/Concertina Doors

Our concertina bi-folding doors at Ace Glazing London are unique and innovative bi-folding doors that offer the option of opening fully or partially. The ability to open the door really wide means the concertina doors can fit into narrow spaces saving you from having to struggle with squeezing an ordinary folding door into the same area. It also gives homeowners flexibility of use as they can decide how much natural light they want to let in and how much they require for privacy.

Concertina bi-fold doors are widely used for conservatories, as well as external doors of residential and commercial buildings. The advantage of a concertina bi-fold door is that it requires no threshold or additional aperture to open.

Bifolding Doors / Room Dividers

Bifolding Room Dividers Doors are perfect for opening up a small space or room, without having to actually dismantle the room divider. The Bifolding Room Dividers Door can be placed on both end panels and then moved in and out as if it were a real door. Unlike most room dividers, the Bifolding Room Divider Door opens from either the left or right, so you can have the entrance whether you want it to open into or away from the space. Ace Glazing brings you high quality bifolding room dividers doors. They have a natural and luxurious look. It is an innovative solution for your home or a new design for a hotel.

Bifolding Doors with Access Doors

The Ace Glazing London Bi-folding Door with Access Doors is a Bi-folding Door that opens up to an Access Door in the middle. The Access Door allows for other windows or doors to be opened without opening the entire Bi-folding Door. Opening the Access Doors will also allow fresh air to circulate through the window more effectively. This door can give your home extra light and ventilation, making it a great option for rooms throughout your house. The Ace Glazing London Bi-folding Door with Access Doors is set to revolutionise the design of your home as you expect. Built around the latest in window technology these are designed to be energy efficient, low maintenance windows that will last for years and years. Not sure which type of bi-fold is suitable for your home? Give us a call on 020 452 51670 to speak to one of our experts.

Why choose us for your Bi-fold doors?

Ensures a Correct Installation

Ensuring a correct installation by a professional industry expert is the only way you’ll get the very best in a Bi-fold door. Costly mistakes can be made if you don’t take every step to make sure your Bi-fold door will be fitted correctly. Our industry experts use their experience and skills to get the perfect result for you.

Ensures a Fast and Efficient Installation

Everything will be much easier if there are as few obstacles as possible during the installation process and only a professional can make this happen. A professional service like Ace Glazing London will also be instrumental in helping to find out whether or not you require planning permission; this will also save you time and money.

Insurance Backed Guarantee

A professional service ensures the insurance backed guarantee of quality and durability like the one from Aces Glazing London. Get an insurance backed 10-year guarantee with Aces Glazing London. Our installs are designed for a lifetime performance, so you can rest assured you’re covered – no more pulling out your hair trying to find a solution when things go wrong. But don’t forget, we only offer the UK’s best doors plus you’re getting an installation that meets our high standards.

To select a new look for your home, call 020 452 51670 to discuss your bi-fold door needs with us.

What to expect from our bi-fold door installation team

Bi-Fold doors are highly customizable at all stages from design to installation. As a result of this, it is important to find a professional who understands how a Bi-fold door works and can provide professional advice throughout the project. At Aces Glazing London, we offer high quality Bi-fold doors at competitive prices with the installation costs included in our pricing. Our expert fitters will guide you through the whole process and not only fit your new bi-fold door but provide you with valuable information.

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When we arrive onsite

We train our technicians to ensure that they can deliver the highest quality, most efficient and most reliable Bi-folding door installation. Our installation process is built on a wealth of experience gained throughout the past 10 years. The three phases of our install process are: measure, align and hang. The measure phase involves measuring every piece of the Bi-fold door and every other part of your house so we can make an accurate plan for installation. In the align phase, our expert joiner tests each notch carefully to ensure everything is exactly where it should be before he allows us to begin hanging. In the final phase, we hang your brand new doors so that you’re left with a sleek new look.

How long will the bi-fold door installation take?

All installations vary slightly from site to site. However, we aim to install your door within 3-5 hours with the following items being included; components, handles and hinges as required. Outside frame of the door will be pre-primed and one coat put on the front and back of internal frames before fitting.

After the installation of the bi-fold doors

The hard word is over. Now you need to make sure that your new Bi-fold doors are going to be a long-term addition to your home or property. We can also help you in achieving this whenever you consult us.

After-care and servicing

When it comes to after-care and servicing, we’ve thought about all the things you want us to think about. From an intimate knowledge of our products and their materials to on-site support, enabling you to do your thing with total confidence. Ready to move forward with a new bi-fold door for your home? You are on the right page. We can work with you to achieve the results you desire without compromising on the original beauty of your home. Use expert installers for your bi-fold door today. Ask for a quote here.

What our happy customer are saying

Our customers have been very friendly to us and we are very happy to have them with us at Aces Glazing London. Their feedback is what our company has been built on and their satisfaction is our only goal.

Below are some of their feedbacks on our projects:

“Aces Glazing London is the best home replacement & installation company that specializes in installing doors, windows, Bi-fold Doors & secondary glazing. This Company can make all the door replacements over any surface with different materials in old and new buildings. They will come to do their work on time and finish it before schedule on the same day or earlier than promised.

“Aces Glazing London were excellent, they replaced all of the vinyl windows in our home. They gave us a very competitive quote with great value for money. The service was excellent throughout as they responded quickly to any problems that we had, and it was clear they took great pride in the quality of their work by ensuring everything was well finished and cleaned up afterwards.”

“Many thanks, we are very pleased with the doors you supplied and installed. You were efficient and on time, and polite to work with. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Aces Glazing London.”

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Ace Glazing London pride themselves on their bi-folding doors. All double and triple glazed bi-folding doors are made to measure with only the best quality materials. They come with a unique combination of high security, energetic appearance, long lasting modern performance and great looks. Ace Glazing London knows that if your doors are not performing then you are wasting heat and losing money. This is why we make sure that every door we install live up to your expectations. We can provide a full consultation service to ensure that you receive the most suitable product for your specification. And once installed, we will guarantee that every aspect of the installation is carried out to a high standard which will ensure the longevity of your product. To get started, please call 020 452 51670 to request a free, no-obligation quote.


What do I need to do to prepare my home before the Bi-fold doors are installed?.
Measure your door height and width, to ensure the Bi-fold doors can be installed without any problems. Check the condition of your door frame. It should be stable, and strong enough to hold the weight of the new doors without needing additional reinforcement.

You will need to make sure there is a safe clearance between the floor and the door. Also it is very important that any existing pipes or plumbing are checked and correctly insulated when needed with foam to avoid heat loss through metalwork.

Are bi-fold doors easy to install by experts?

It is very easy for experts to install bi-fold doors. This is mainly because most installers do not have any problems installing bi-fold doors, as they are just like any other door. The main difficulty in DIY installation is that the instructions need to be followed for the measurements and anchor points to be correct.

Should bi-fold doors open in or out?

Bi-fold doors can be designed to open inward and outwardly. However, it is best to have bi-fold doors opening inwards as the outward opening will create a larger gap between the two panels than may be acceptable.

Can I install the Bi-fold doors correctly?

The answer is yes. However, you don’t want to make any mistake. However, calling an expert installer on time is the best idea to get your task done well without making any mistake.

Will Bi-fold Doors installation add Value to my house?

The simple answer is Yes, Bi-fold doors do add value to your home. Not only because most people like the unique aesthetic that this kind of door creates, but because it also tends to increase the inside living space of your home. If a Bi-fold door has proved popular in many other properties, then there should be no reason why you shouldn’t have one as well!

Do we Need Planning Permission to Install Bi-fold Doors?

Planning permission is required for the installation of Bi-fold doors. This includes the installation of a new door or a door replacement. This will be on the planning department’s desk for at least 14 days and you may have to respond to questions within 14 days also. The planner has got to find that your plans are in keeping with the locality and neighborhood.

What is the Cost to Install Bi-fold doors?
The cost of bi-fold doors installation varies depending on the brand you choose, and its design.

Also the cost of Bi-fold doors installation will depend on the complexity of your project. You can choose from steel, aluminum, and wood bi-fold doors – picking the right material can affect the total price.

Does Your Location Affect the Cost of Bi-fold door installation?
The cost of Bi-fold doors will be influenced by your location. If your home is built in an area near water or in a flood zone the cost could be higher as these are more complicated installations. The type and quality of doors you choose will also contribute to the final cost of installation.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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