Steel Doors (Crittal) Installation in London

If you are in search of top-quality and long-lasting steel doors, look no further than Ace Glazing London.  Ace Glazing London can help you to install Crittal-styled steel doors in your London home. You can choose from a variety of styles. The Aces team will assess your property, discuss the options available for steel door draught-proofing and come up with a means to improve the insulation of your home. Our company boasts over 30 years of success in installing Crittal doors in various types of properties. You can request for a free no-obligation quote today by calling 020 452 51670.

What is a Crittal Steel Door?

Crittal steel doors are similar to the strength, endurance and functionality of stainless steel. They are generally used in robust outdoor applications like carports and garages because they are not prone to corrosion, even when exposed to environmental elements.

Crittal Steel doors also provide extra security for homes and businesses since they come with locks attached to them.

Crittal steel door mostly contains flanges, frame, hinges, latches and locks for structure. Also, many Crittal steel doors are made of glass for viewing from outside of the building.

How Does a Crittal Steel Door Work?

Crittal steel doors are made of high-quality stainless steel, so they provide increased privacy. It has a strong locking handle and an added security lock to keep your place well protected. The system works by inserting special keyed bolts into the door frame, giving it a nice and secure seal; allowing the person outside to only open the door with their key.

Why Should You Choose Our Crittal Steel Doors?

There are several reasons why our customers choose our Ace Glazing London Crittal steel doors. Our well-known brand name is one of them.

Our top outstanding features include:

Highly durable steel doors with thermally efficient double glazing

Our Crittal doors are as sturdy as they look. Produced from high-grade steel, they will last a lifetime. Aces Crittal steel doors are with outstanding resistance to all types of corrosion and attack from atmospheric agents: rust, fire, hot water, snow, etc. In addition to our stunning design, functional features make our Crittal steel doors stand out. Our double glazing and secure locks make these doors ideal for families with children, and taller people who will feel safer and protected behind these sturdy doors. At the same time, our low upkeep coatings make maintenance less demanding [zero heat loss]. Need this door installed in your London property? Call 020 452 51670 for a free quote today.

Market-leading locks and hinges for your home’s security with secure multi-point locking

Our Crittal steel doors have been designed in line with Crittal’s extensive heritage and state-of-the-art technology.  Combined with a host of features and options, they are the perfect choice for your home. Each Crittal steel door is made from 15 – 25 mm thick sheet steel, supplied in a primed or galvanized finish. The choice of door hinges can be adapted to suit your requirements. Unlike plastic screen panels that come off easily and scratch easily, the multi-point locking system on our Crittal steel screen door will never become loose or fall off. The patented frame tensioning system also ensures the top and bottom panels are always tensioned tightly onto the screen mechanism, which not only keeps dirt out but also ensures the screen will never warp.

Excellent U-Value of 1.2 W/m2K to make your home more comfortable

Our Crittal doors have a higher U-value than many similar products, so they provide excellent insulation without using up as much energy. With contemporary and high-tech designs, Ace Glazing London Crittal Steel Doors enhance your home with style while keeping you comfortable and safe for a lifetime.

Low maintenance steel profile, customisable with 40 colours in matte, satin in gloss

Our Crittal steel doors are made from high-quality steel, with a surface that has a textured finish or is covered with a layer of paint. The components making up this type of door are precisely designed, which means they will enable the door to operate smoothly and efficiently. The performance of these products is far better than that of other materials, so by making use of this material in construction from the outset, we ensure that it will be easier to maintain and will require less maintenance over time. Our Crittal Steel Doors have a sleek, modern design and are available in either satin or matte, making it the perfect choice for any space. They feature a sturdy steel frame that keeps your home safe and secure. You can get an online quotation from Ace Glazing London by calling 020 452 51670. You will receive a prompt response.

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Exceptional sightlines to optimise light penetration and long-lasting investment for your home

When it comes to creating a completely new space, you need exceptional sightlines. And that’s what you get with the features of our Crittal steel doors. The glazing on the Crittal steel doors allows maximum light into your homes through a wide panoramic view. This is because the sightline of the door is thinner than that of a conventional door.

Made using hot-dip zinc galvanised steel and duralife epoxy-free polyester powder coatings

Our Crittal steel doors have been designed using hot-dip zinc galvanised steel. Our steel doors are a classic & authentic design and suitable for many different properties. They are ideal to use throughout the property, including external areas such as garages, balconies and front entrances too. Another benefit of having steel doors is that they can offer security to any internal or external area you decide to have them installed on. Ace Glazing London steel Crittal doors are powder-coated in a high quality, toughened polyester powder coating (not epoxy) that is harder than paint and provides greater resistance to scratches, dents and corrosion. This protects the longevity of your purchase. This polyester powder coating is also highly resistant to atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur and salt–allowing you to maintain the door’s appearance for longer.

Range of Styles to Suit any Home

With the addition of multiple design features, it’s easy to see how Crittal steel doors can fit into any style of home. From painted white metro to clean and simple black, there is something in this range to suit everyone’s taste, styles and in a choice of designs, so your vision can become a reality.

W20/W26 Profile

Ace Glazing London Crittal steel doors are a great choice for the discerning homeowner looking to expand the space of rooms and also add more natural light. Each door is made with high-quality industrial steel that is specially coated to create a rust-free finish. The door frames are available in two different profiles, the W20 or the W26. These profiles create a large windowpane effect to allow plenty of natural light into the room and also display contemporary design that any home will appreciate.

Long-Lasting Investment for Your Home

Steel doors have been used in homes, offices, shops, and many more locations for many decades. They are durable and can be fade-proof if treated well. Crittal steel doors are one of the most popular steel doors out there. There are many high-quality steel doors that are on the market today, but if you want to invest into a door that is going to last a lifetime, then the best option is Aces glazing Crittal Steel doors.

Endless Colour Choices

Crittal’s steel doors are a modern take on the classic art deco design. These doors are available in several different designs and colours, so you can make your steel door as individual as you are. Our Crittal steel door collection gallery also has a distinctive search widget where you can choose a style of door, determine its colour and find out more about it with one simple click of the mouse.

What’s Special About Our Crittal Steel Doors Installation Service?

When you choose Ace Glazing London, you get more than just a high-quality glazing job. Our installation services are designed to be easy and hassle-free. With us, you get:

10-year insurance backed guarantee

The Aces glazing range of Crittal Steel Doors come with a 10-year Guarantee. It has been used for over 150 years and is recognised as highly reliable, robust and durable.

Steel Doors To Be Proud Of

Our Crittal steel doors are products of the highest quality that add real value and grace to any property. Each Crittal door we install is a unique piece of art: its design is tailored to your needs with the utmost care and attention at every step of the making process, while its workmanship turns it into a perfect piece of high-tech industrial craftsmanship.

No False Discounts

Ace Glazing London gives you the best possible prices. No false discounts, gimmicks or misleading price claims. When comparing for a quote, please look carefully at what the product includes and check that you are getting the same high-quality products and services. We guarantee that we always provide the best possible prices, as well as a range of top quality products and services to suit every budget and taste.

Our Crittal Steel Doors Designs And Styles

Our Crittal steel doors are available in a wide range of designs and styles to help give your park home the look you want. These include lacquered, embossed, powder-coated and white primed versions.

Choose from a selection of steel doors with up to 16 colours for a unique finish, or opt for one of the Crittal’s exclusive shaded colours.

Like all our products, these can be combined with our quality finishes including stone effect paint, natural timber and LED lighting to produce a truly bespoke home.

Our Steel Doors Collection Gallery

Join us to explore and learn about the future of Crittal doors in the home. We will guide you through our current collection and help you find a Crittal door that fits your style and budget.

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What is Crittal door?
A Crittal door is a double steel panel door that can be used in the home or in commercial establishments. A key characteristic of this type of door is that it can be opened from the outside using a skeleton key.
Are Crittal doors expensive?
Crittal doors are not expensive. Although they are more expensive than an ordinary door, they add beauty and value to a home or building. The main reason for their high cost is that they are made from sturdy materials and also very heavy. They have glass units on both sides of the door. Crittal doors are the best option for you since they can give a classy touch to the house and improve the appearance of your building.


Are Crittal doors secure?
Crittal doors are steel frame units in which the glazed units are secured by profiled steel channels. They offer high security as the doors cannot be opened from the outside.

We Are Also Available to Offer Sash Windows Related Advice Where Needed

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